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A Yi Jing divination just in time

May 4, 2020
Walter Ziems
Core Spirit member since Apr 30, 2020
Reading time 8 min.

A woman called because she had been harried by a male neighbour next door within the same house for a prolonged period of time and things didnt get better, but worse. Within a single week things got so bad, that she called it a menacing situation. Thats when she felt so hardpressed that she asked me for a divination about her situation and what she might do best to relieve the pressure off of her. It was clear that evasion would´nt work for much longer and any act of direct confrontation was completely out of the question.

The divination casted on the spot yielded hexagram Nr. 8 Pi (Water above soft Earth), with a moving line at second place, changing the hexagram towards Nr. 29 Kan (Water above Water).

Kan above Kun, second line changes the hexagram towards Kan over Kan.


The hexagram depicting the situation shows a middle aged male (Kan) opressing a female above age 45 (Kun). That was exactly the situation, the man was in his late thirties, the woman of age 51. Line Nr. 5 of Trigram Kan is bonding with line 2 of trigram Kun, showing that the approach in this case is likely to be of a sexual nature. Line 5 is the only Yang line within the entire hexagram and in full control of the rest of the remaining all female lines. The hexagram shows that the guy is fully aware of what he is doing and domination is what he is striving for. he has no problem with being a bad guy, the upper Trigram Kan also stands for a bandit, a thief, a thug or any of the like.

The natural image of the hexagram is that of a river flowing through and eroding soft soil, or rain penetrating into soft fertile soil. There is nothing to stop the Water (the guy in his thierties) and the female. The image given is that attack or violation is imminent. Therefore, time is of the essence, she must act immediately.

But what to do? The Key about what to do is given by the moving second line. The second line is of a Yin nature and changes into a Yang line, thereby changing the hexagram to Kan over Kan. Help is to be received by another male who is able to counter the first male. Given the image of the first hexagram, the river already has eroded a riverbed wherein it flows, showing a sort of fixed situation which is difficult to change. The dam of the riverbed might break any moment. Therefore I advised to call the police immediately, not waiting another half hour, but right now. The same day the neighbour encroached on the premises of that lady and refused to leave. Police arrived just in time - again it was an officer in his late thirties. Later it came to know, that that guy already had a history of violent behaviour, so the police took the situation seriously.

While the imminent danger had been dealt with and deflected, the resulting hexagram of Kan (Water abover Water), illustrates the image of a steep and dangerous abyss. Therefore I had no choice but to advise that the lady should talk with the landlord and ask for a different place somewhere else in town to move to. Having witnessed the value of Yi Jing counsel, she followed that advice too. Some month later I got a selfmade electronic postcard from her, confirming that her new situation was much better than the old one and she and her daughter enjoy a happy life now.

Certainly not every Yi Jing counsel takes such a dramatic course, yet many serve to show a beneficial way of how to progress. No need to say a counsel in itself does nothing, it is always the client taking the appropriate action resulting in a beneficial outcome.

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