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The Story Of Time Travel

Jun 29, 2020
Angel Vaughan
Core Spirit member since Jun 8, 2020
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Once upon a time,

There was a poem without rhyme.

There was coloring outside the lines.

There was direction without signs.

Doors without a lock,

Communication without talk.

Time without a clock.

Chakras without block.

Enlightenment far and wide,

No such thing as pride.

Transparency with no need to hide.

Love and good people by your side.

When did this all change,

The correct order of things rearranged?

The representation of beauty so deranged?

Life turning into a struggle and power game.

Well I retraced our steps back to the beginning of time,

And I am telling you the truth in a rhyme,

I have enlightened this dark, heavy soul of mine,

And I know now everything will be just fine.

I love myself now when previously low esteem and hatred had led my path,

And in forgiveness and compassion I have created my own heaven when previously destruction was my aftermath.

Solitude recharged and renewed me like a salt bath,

Where there had once been tears I was able to once again smile and laugh.

And in waters I may have previously drown,

I keep my head held high as if I am wearing a crown.

And I understand life will always have its ups and downs,

And we are ultimately individually responsible for turning this fucked up shit around.

As we all start awaken,

Let’s not be forsaken,

Let us not be shakin.

Let us know love is the cure to all that was takin.

Love for yourself and others will heal the pain away,

And forgiveness and compassion will make you stronger than you were today,

Let gratitude and prayer be the words you say.

Let us find our heaven on earth this way.

Written By:

Angel Vaughan


Angel Vaughan
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