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How to use a water bong?

Dec 13, 2019
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The rising trend of smoking cannabis is readily spreading its wings to reach a large number of people. It may own a wavering image, but people are widely enjoying the various psychoactive and stress-relieving properties that are hard to find in any other ingredient. Cannabis is a versatile ingredient that offers its consumption in different forms and methods. Smoking is the most prominent form of consuming the intoxicating properties of cannabis though now, the traditional approach is creating a monotony for regular users. To break this monotony, manufacturers are offering a large number of devices that are breaking the boundaries of conventional usage to provide an even better result. One such product is called water bong, which is slowly taking over every other method.

Water bong is an alternative to conventional smoking methods. It is a device that is usually made up of glass, acrylic, or ceramic, which allows you to consume cannabis by using water and heat. Water bong is not only limited to smoking cannabis, but you can also use it with any other herb or tobacco too. Using a water bong for the first time can be extremely confusing, though there is nothing a set of simple steps cannot tackle, right? So here is what you need to know about water bong and its appropriate usage.

Before learning the steps to use a water bong, first, you must know how exactly a water bong works. Water bong has a little complicated design, and its mere look can intimidate the users though once you understand its various parts and usage, it only gets easier. Here are the things that are needed to use a water bong.

-A water bong

-Bowl piece

-Cannabis, tobacco or strains of any herb



As soon as you gather all the needed pieces of equipment, follow these steps to enjoy your first smoke using a water bong.

Steps to use a water bong

1. Fill up the bong with water: The amount of water that you have to fill in the bong depends upon the size of the bong that you are using. Fill up the bong with water from the mouthpiece or downstem. Downstem is the thin pipe-like structure at the side of the water bong. Use downstem as the measuring tool to measure the right amount of water and as soon as the water level reaches 1 or 1⁄2 inch above the downstem stop pouring the water.

2. Grind the herb: Make sure to grind your smoking substance properly before using it. Pick out seeds, stems or large pieces of leaves in case you find it within your mixture or grind it using a strong grinder so it cannot hinder the quality of smoke that you wish to enjoy. Finely grinding the herb can offer you a smooth experience overall, so do not skip this step.

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3. Fill the bowl piece with ground herb: Pull out the bowl piece that is present above the downstem. It is a funnel or bowl-like structure to keep the ground herb. Fill the bowl piece with the ground herb to the limit that it does not fall off from the head of the bowl piece. Dab it to settle but do not pack it too tightly as the lack of air-flow will hinder your smoking experience. Keep using a piece of paper or toothpick to mixing it.

4. Hold the bong up in a comfortable position: Now that you have prepped up properly to smoke settle down in a comfortable position to enjoy. As you can see, the water bong is heavier than other smoking mediums which means you may have to handle it with extra care and firmness. Keep it on a hard surface or grasp it with your dominant hand to use. Adding support underneath will only lead you to decrease the risk of dropping or spilling it so choose wisely.

5. Light up the herb: Use your other hand to pick a lighter and lighten up the herb which is present inside the bowl piece. Hold the lighter vertically and place your fingers in a way that ensures you do not get burned. The moment you see the herb catching the flame, remove your lighter, and let it work on its own. Once the herb is lit and glowing, the smoke will automatically start filling up the bong. In case you wish to have a fun and convenient smoking device, then you can also get a flyte pen that works exceptionally well and looks equally fun too.

6. Take a drag slowly: Put your on the mouthpiece, not over it, but inside the mouthpiece as a seal to create a better vacuum for the smoke to act up. Start with taking a slow drag. You do not have to take deep blows to feel the effect, also don’t hold the smoke for too long. You may think of it as a better way of consumption of cannabis, though the THC in it acts up faster, so holding it for a long while is useless and will only grant you a lungful of cough. You may add a few ice cubes in the mouthpiece to get a cool sensation which is very enjoyable. The ice cubes will decrease the burn of smoke and make it a smooth drag for you.

7. Clean the bong after use: After using the bong, make sure to clean the bong thoroughly. Throw the water out of the bong and wash it up under running water. Take out the bowl piece and clean all the leftover bits of herbs and ashes to maintain its hygiene for the next use. Cleaning the bong provides it with a longer shelf life, and you with a longer time to enjoy the benefits of a water bong.

We hope that now you won’t get confused at the sight of a water bong and use it with utmost precision to have a good time.

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