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6 Tips to Getting Most Out Of Crafty Vaporizer

Dec 5, 2019
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Vaping is one of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis. It works for individuals using cannabis for medical purposes as well as for recreational purposes. Besides, vaping marijuana is much safer in comparison to smoking.

The issue with vaping is that some vaping devices are complex to use. They may not deliver the desired experience. As a result, most people shy away from vaping devices. However, for those who stick to it, it becomes a preferred cannabis ingestion method.

When you struggle or efficiently use your cannabis vape, there is always another way to enhance the experience. Each vaping device, including the Crafty+ Vaporizer, comes with several ways in which you can improve the experience. These tips can derive a better experience when vaping:

1. Getting the water tool and adapter

Sometimes, the vaping mechanism can end up releasing vapor that is too hot for ingestion. Hot steam not only burns your mouth, but it can also cause damage to your lungs, causing pain and discomfort. Therefore, you need to improve on this experience by reducing the heat and cooling down the vapor.

The crafty Vaporizer comes with a water tool and an accompanying adapter for accessories. These help cool the vapor after its release from the cooling chamber. As the steam travels through the water tool, the water dissolves some of the harmful constituents in the vapor. These include chemicals and possible carcinogens in the vaping herbs.

However, the most crucial element is the fact that it cools the vapor, and as it reaches your mouth, it is fresh, thus enhancing the vaping experience. The temperature difference causes the vapor to condense much faster after releasing it from your mouth resulting in a huge vape cloud. A huge vape cloud is something that is currently trending.

2. Clean your vaporizer thoroughly after use

For efficiency in using your Vaporizer, it is essential to keep the vaping device clean. Dirt from the herb or residue after use not only destroys the appearance of the vaping devices but most importantly, clogs and reduces efficiency levels. Besides, cleaning the waste offers you a chance to reuse it. If aiming to do, conduct your cleaning using alcohol-based cleaning elements.

Cleaning the Crafty Vaporizer is easy and straightforward. The different parts are removable and easy to assemble again. Ensure that the cooling unit of the Vaporizer is also clean. To clean, remove the device top section and slide the other piece in the direction of the mouthpiece for easy access to the cooling coils. If the parts are dirty, clean them up and then reassemble the device.

Do not leave the pieces in the cleaning solution for an extended period. It causes degradation and can result in inefficiencies. However, properly cleaning your device maximizes vaping efficiencies.

3. Put into use the dose capsules

Sometimes, you want something that makes it convenient for you to use your crafty Vaporizer. Adding your herb to the Vaporizer while not planning to deplete the cannabis fully can result in inefficiencies. The herb may undergo contamination, making it unfit for use after a long period. Therefore, you need something that will give you the right dose of marijuana that you need.

The crafty Vaporizer comes with a dosing mechanism that allows you to fill your vaping device with the right amount of vaping liquid. The dosing capsule comes with eight different dose sections that will enable you to upload different quantities of the herb. All you need is to place the desired amount of cannabis you want to vape and load the capsule to the device for use.

Besides, if you are moving around, getting your herb grinder can be hectic and messy. The dosing capsules make it easy to load the ground cannabis and vape discreetly. Regardless of your location, you still have a dose left.

4. Properly fill the vaporizer

Just like any other device, maximizing its use is fundamental. Therefore, it is advisable to fill in the Vaporizer’s chamber. It helps to equally distribute the heat, which ensures better vapor clouds and higher potency levels.

However, ensure that you do not fill it too tightly as it may reduce functionality if the available space is not adequate to maximize its functions. Also, ensure that the herb is fine to the touch for better results before loading it in the Vaporizer’s chamber.

5. Take advantage of the filling aid

Grinding is not the only challenge but is also a cumbersome function for many. It leaves a mess behind, which requires cleaning up afterward, which presents a huge problem, especially if in a hurry. Each device has distinct specifications regarding the quality of ground cannabis to use when vaping. Grinding the herb to reach this finesse is difficult.

The crafty vaporizer filling aid makes it more natural and much more convenient to load ground cannabis as it prepares it for the best results/outcomes. Besides, it reduces the possible mess that might occur when grinding the cannabis. Also, it leaves your vaping device clean, ensuring a better experience when vaping.

6. Always have a backup power source

If planning to use your vaping device continuously or you are throwing a vape party, you must carry your battery with you. The vaping device, if under continuous use, only keeps power for around an hour. If your application extends an hour, having a backup will ensure a consistent vaping experience. Carrying an extra battery with you when going out extends your vaping experience for more than an hour.


A crafty vaporizer delivers many extensive benefits for cannabis users. For those who desire a top-notch vaping experience, seeking this device out might be what you need to enhance your overall experience. Besides, with the above crafty vaporizer tips, you can improve on your devices’ performance while at the same time, it improves your vaping skills. If you have never tried using the craft vaporizer, it is time to try it.

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