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Cannabis For Your Dog, Can It Help?

Dec 16, 2019
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Cannabis has been legalized in 33 states of the US for some medicinal and recreational purposes, but still, it would be really hard to figure out whether cannabis is good for your dog or not. It has been observed that effects of cannabis ingestion vary from dog to dog; in some cases, dogs have shown no signs of change in their behavior while in other dogs, the symptoms are quite difficult to comprehend.

Effects of Cannabis On Dogs:

There is very little research on the topic: what are the actual effects of cannabis on the dog? This is because when exposed to marijuana, some dogs behave excellently the same way they used to do as their routine and in some cases, dogs get high, faced blurred vision, breathing problems, urinary inconsistency, and low blood pressure. Actually, it’s all about the size and weight of dogs that play a vital role in determining the effects of cannabis on dogs. Also how much dosage a dog has ingested is the point of concern if the dog behaves differently.

Well, if your loyal friend (dog) accidentally eats cannabis, consult your veterinarian to seek medical help because in some cases cannabis has been proved poisonous for dogs due to its overdosage. Dilated pupils, excessive panting, whining, seizures, fits, and low blood pressure is some common symptoms to look for in a dog who has ingested cannabis. On the contrary, cannabis, if prescribed by a vet, possesses miraculous effects on dogs. It relieves the pain of arthritis and cancer and calms nausea and increases appetite.

Dogs’ cannabinoid receptors are more active when compared to humans and it is also to be noticed that the ingestion of cannabis needs an entirely different treatment whereas inhalation of cannabis must be treated differently. Usually, the dog food with 0.03% THC level is recommended so the pet may not get toxic. Interestingly, the toxic effects of cannabis on dogs are short-lived; yet it is still alarming and should be acknowledged immediately if your pet dog gets access to cannabis directly by eating it or indirectly by inhaling second-hand smoke.

Cannabis toxicity in dogs is treated quietly in a different way because obviously the pet cannot speak by itself and tell its medical advisor the actual exposure to dosage. So a vet usually infuses vomiting to stop further toxicity in the body. In most life-threatening cases, an intoxicated dog is given activated charcoal every 6 hours to neutralize the body from toxins of cannabis. And it really the most helpful ingredient in stabilizing dogs to their routine conscious.

But if still, your pet dog keeps on behaving disoriented and uncoordinated, supportive care is the way an owner must try. IV fluids and anti-anxiety medications are given to prevent dehydration and minimize agitation. After all, your pet is feeling miserable and you will definitely leave no room to make it comfy.

Last but not least, treat cannabis as you treat other medical drugs. Try to keep it away from your pet dog so that it may not have to face the worst effects. Store it in locked drawers and places where your dog cannot get access to it. With these safety measures, you may keep your lovely pet healthy and active. But if you notice any consistency in your dog behavior make it a point of concern and find out the causes of unusual behavior.

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