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7 essentials to add to your night skincare routine

Nov 21, 2019
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Take a bath, make breakfast, get dressed, apply makeup, and rush to work: This is how most of us spend our mornings. Do we have time to take care of our skin? We are busy to catch up with the 9 A.M meeting or send our children to the school on time. But most of us think that applying sunscreens and face creams are the way to have that perfectly radiant skin. But by leaving all the cosmetics on our skin, we might end up harming it more. So, it is the reason for a nighttime skincare routine. At nights, we are more relaxed and have time for treating the skin and get the beauty sleep.

Another essential factor that makes nighttime skincare essential is natural cell regeneration. At night, the blood flow to the skin is maximum. The cells get renewed, and good quality creams can maximize the repair process of our body. For example, Vitamin A in our crèmes can boost cell growth, and Vitamin C can nullify the effects of photodamage. Moreover, at night, our skin is away from harmful elements like pollution and UV radiation. So, the nutrient absorbing capacity of the cells is high. Now let us look into the essentials of a night skincare routine:

1. Use a makeup remover:

Sleeping with makeup is a sin for your skin. It is as essential to remove the cosmetics as using it in the mornings. You can go for oil-based or milk-based solutions and micellar water that is meant for removing the makeup. You have to apply them and let them sit on your skin for some time. It is necessary to leave some time so that they could dissolve the chemicals. Then you can wipe them off thoroughly with flat cotton pads. One can use direct facial wipes for light and simple makeup.

2. Use a gentle cleanser:

After removing the makeup, one has to clean the skin thoroughly. So, one has to use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip off the natural oil of the skin. You should aim to remove the excess sebum and dirt. But, people with rough skin can go for a mild scrub. Clay masks are great for exfoliation. A gentle cleanser, filled with anti-oxidants is suitable for all types of skin. Now, your skin is ready to take in all the nutrients.

3. Use Toners:

A right toner is a secret weapon for healthy skin. It has many functions. It shrinks the pores and tightens cell gaps. Thus, it protects the outer surface from environmental impurities. It also restores the pH of the skin. Certain toners can act as humectants and absorb water molecules. These types are highly useful for people with dry skin. Toners with glycolic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids can stop the growth of ingrown hair. They are also helpful in scar reduction and healing. So, toners are indispensable for your skincare routine.

4. Eye creams -the savior:

Puffy eyes, dark circles, and fine lines: these are our first enemies when it comes to facial makeup. They spoil the effect of mascaras and eyeliners. Even concealers are not of much help. Your makeup tends to look artificial. So, eye creams are the only solution. These protect the delicate area around the eyes. Before using them, one has to make sure that she removes all the mascaras and eyeliners. Cotton swabs with olive oil are suitable for neatly removing the eye makeup. The signs of aging are first visible in our under-eye skin. And, eye creams are great for resisting the aging symptoms. One can have products with skinactive elements like peptides, vitamin E, and collagen boosters. They are super hydrating and brighten the area around your eyes.

5. Treatment serums:

Based on your skin type, one has to choose the serums and creams. If you have dry and rough skin, then you should go for exfoliators. People with oily skin should have mattifying solutions. One can go for prescription medicines if they have problems like acne, wrinkles, and fine lines. Vitamin C serums help you reduce wrinkles and boost radiance simultaneously. One can also consider using detoxifying masks with charcoal for skin brightening once in a week.

6. Never miss the moisturizing creams:

Intense hydrating thick creams help you keep the nutrients and repairing ingredients intact to the skin. It might seem unnecessary, but the moisturizer forms a protective coating and prevents evaporation. Moreover, our skin’s ability to retain moisture becomes lowest at night. It not only becomes dry but can also cause itchiness and inflammation. One can use products infused with coconut oil or hyaluronic acids. The advantage of coconut oil is that it also provides anti-oxidant effects along with hydration. In dry seasons, one can also go for a cool-mist humidifier to lock in the moisture.

7. Overnight face masks:

Sleeping masks can be applied once or twice a week. They give a velvety texture to the skin and have a firming effect too. They are also ultra-moisturizing. Thus overnight masks are essential for aging issues. These masks come with ingredients such as peptides, ceramides, and hyaluronic acids. They act as a collagen booster. These are very gentle, and the skin absorbs them within thirty minutes. So, one need not worry about messing the pillows and bedsheets.

Though there are many skin care products, you should not make the routine very complicated. You may not leave sufficient time for the ingredients to act on your skin. You can always have a moisturizer beside your bed, which is the most essential of all. You can apply it even if you do not feel like carrying out all the other steps. It is also necessary that you eat and sleep well.

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