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10 Signs Others Are Intimidated by Your Personality

Mar 29, 2018
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Despite the fact that people may not know anything about you, perhaps not even your name, you are judged by others. There are people who are intimidating, and they are rude. People do not see the type of person they are as on the outside they have an exterior that is tough.

This can bring issues, but then even the people who seem to be the most intimidating can be caring if time is taken to get to know them. Here are ten clear signs that others may be intimidated by your personality.

1. You Always Tell the Truth

You are a person that once they say you are going to do something you go ahead and do it. In other words, you have an honest personality, and you always do what you say you will.

2. You Are Always Direct and Get Right to the Point

You do not beat around the bush, and you are always honest, direct and to the point instead of taking the feelings of others into account. The thought of lying to save the feelings of others does not enter into your head.

3. You Have the Willingness to Do New Things and an Open Mind

You are always open to new ideas and are always on the lookout to try something new. This allows you to achieve success in many ways that the majority of people would not give any thought to. People may put you down because you have such an open mind they are put outside of their comfort zone.

4. Your Solutions to Problems Are Innovative

You do not follow others, and you are not a sheep that follows others around. You put your focus onto a solution to get things done, and you find solutions to issues that are innovative.

5. You Have a Very Strong Will

You are always focused, and that never focus waivers, along with a will that is very strong. If you want something, you do anything to ensure that you make it happen.

6. You Cannot Abide People Who Complain

You cannot stand to be with people that complain about things; you would rather spend time alone than be with someone like that. You do not have time to listen to complainers, and you believe that by spending time with them they will just bring you down.

7. You Cannot Tolerate Ignorance

Because you have such an open mind, you will not put up with people who are judgmental, and you cannot tolerate ignorance. You tend to walk away from people such as this, and you do not have patience with them. In some cases, you have been known to speak up and tell them exactly what you think.

8. You Are Very Wise, Perhaps More So Than Your Age Suggests

Your ways of thinking are revolutionary, and you are always learning new things. You always think things over very well looking at any and all angles. You sometimes surpass your peers, and this is something that can lead to them resenting you.

9. You Do Not Make Small Talk

You never make small talk; in fact, this is something that annoys you. You do not like it when people take up your time by talking about things that are mundane. To you, any conversation must have a meaning and purpose if you are to take part in it. You do not take part in conversations that are not interesting, engaging and which are meaningless.

10. You Show Kindness

You show kindness and are perhaps one of the nicest people that others could meet. However, people are quick when it comes to judging as you never want to waste time and you can always see huge success. People often judge other people who are doing better.

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