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Vampire Vape E Liquids : Why They Are So Popular

Feb 26, 2020
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Vampire Vape E Liquids : Why They Are So Popular

Believe it or not, Vampire Vape has been around for less than a decade. The company has established itself as a prestigious and recognised brand in the vaping industry. With customers all around the world, it’s clear that these e liquids offer a fabulous vaping experience. Vampire Vape employs expert mixologists, use the very best ingredients and regularly test and release new flavours. With over fifty Vampire Vape options now available there really is something for everyone.

In this article, we are focusing on what makes these VV flavours and products unique and so loved by vapers around the world.

Pick from a Comprehensive Selection of Flavours

The great thing about Vampire Vape flavours is that you can choose between more than 50 options, which makes it easy for everyone to find one that suits their style.

If you’re not sure where to start, these three are amongst the most popular Vampire Vape e juice flavours:

Pinkman – This is a fruity flavour that combines exotic fruits to create a unique blend that is gentle enough to use throughout the entire day.

Heisenberg – This mouthwatering combination mint and juicy fruity flavours has become an incredibly popular mixture. Menthol gives that refreshing boost you might need, while fruits ensure a sweet touch that makes the formula unique.

Caramel Crunch – This flavour was designed for lovers of desserts and all things sweet. This cleverly put together combination of butterscotch and caramel is a must for sweet-toothed vapers and those who enjoy a luxury vape.

Find Your Perfect PG/VG Ratio

All e liquids contain a base. This base is made up of PG and VG.

PG is an abbreviation for propylene glycol, and it is a colourless and odourless liquid that acts as an intense flavour carrier. PG is also described as being slightly harsher. That makes it suitable for those looking for a real “throat hit”. E liquids with more PG in them don’t produce as much vapour as high VG e liquids.

As for VG, it is short for vegetable glycerine. Its main characteristic is that it is thicker propylene glycol, which gives it a smooth throat hit. VG is also important if you are looking for increased cloud production when vaping. Sub-ohm vaping users and big vape cloud fans usually prefer a higher quantity of VG in their flavours.

The best way to go is to experiment with various PG and VG ratios. Vampire Vape offer vapers many ways to customise their vape to suit their needs.

Suitable for Newbies and Experienced Users

Thanks to the obvious quality of the Vampire Vape e liquids and the staggering amount of flavour variety, experienced users and new love their products. Whether you are an experienced flavour chaser or into sub-ohming there is a Vampire Vape vaping juice for you.

Vampire Vape Only Offer High-Quality Products

You don’t build a global following as Vampire Vape has by using poor quality ingredients. The company is proud to use the highest pharmaceutical grade base liquids, nicotine and flavours, cutting edge design and production processes to ensure that their e liquids offer everyone the very best vaping experience.

As a company, Vampire Vape listens to feedback from customers and the vaping community when designing new flavours or improving existing ones. They adhere to strict quality control, procedures which ensure that the products meet and exceed the expectations and deliver what’s promised.

What wins the hearts of their fans is the fact that Vampire Vape offer these high-end, premium e liquids at a price which makes them affordable to all

Vampire Vape E Liquids Support Smokers Looking To Quit

Science supports e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. That is the conclusion published in a review by Public Health England, which specifies that e-cigarettes are at least 95% safer than smoking. Health organisations and health charities, as well as doctors, scientists and researchers continue to support vaping as a valid and healthier alternative to smoking.

E cigarettes themselves have also been shown to help smokers walk away from their damaging smoking habit for good. By offering the very best e liquids imaginable at such an affordable price, Vampire Vape helps to support those making the leap. There’s more on this in the report on vaping produced by Public Health England.

If you were looking for a reason to try Vampire Vape e liquids there are five very good ones here. Once you’ve tried the e juice for yourself you’ll no doubt be able to come up with many more.

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