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6 Things You Need To Explore About Dental Crowns

Dec 19, 2019
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A tooth-shaped covering is a dental crown. Dentists attach it to the tooth structure in cases of some dental issues. It sits perfectly around a tooth, just as a crown sits around the head. A dental crown completely encircles or caps a tooth. The primary function of a crown is to protect the tooth structure. It also helps to retain the tooth function. It helps to protect against a variety of tooth issues. It may just help restore your beautiful smile.

Dental crowns are made out of a variety of materials. These include elements like porcelain, metal alloys, ceramics, composite resin. Dental crowns need to look natural and feel comfortable. While deciding which material to use, the dentist considers a variety of factors. The factors considered include the location of the tooth, its function, the patient’s preference, the section of gum tissue, the colour of the tooth.

If you have to get a dental crown made and fixed, you first need to explore six things about dental crowns. These are as follows:

The need for dental crowns:

A crown comes to the rescue when a large cavity threatens the health of a tooth. It can protect a cracked or broken tooth. It protects against extensive loss of tooth surface. It is also helpful in the cases of pulpotomy or pulpectomy procedure, impaired oral hygiene routine and unappealing teeth.

A clear discussion made with the dentist about options available to you is essential. Your dentist can inform you about the best option for you. If a child is under six years of age, a stainless steel crown is preferable than extracting a tooth. Crowns crafted with stainless steel gives new shiny tooth to kids. Pregnant ladies and older adults may need the stainless steel crown for adults. A steel crown is like that protective friend in whose presence you can forget about your issues.

The durability and strength of the crowns:

Dental crowns are used to strengthen teeth. They are strong enough to chew food. The materials used in dental crowns are solid and aesthetic looking. If a crown is well-made, it can withstand the forces of normal chewing. The life of a crown depends upon its wear and tear. Crowns may last five to fifteen years in normal circumstances. Stainless steel crowns for kids and adults are durable metal caps that cover the entire tooth and are hard to lose or damage.

The process of getting a crown:

Before getting a crown fixed, X-Rays must confirm the necessity of a crown. There is a multi-step process involved in getting a crown. It requires multiple visits to the dentist. The dentist will first prepare the tooth that needs to be crowned. He may build the foundation and may need to file the tooth. It is essential because the crown must fit well and sit properly on the tooth.

In some cases, a temporary crown helps prevent infection. When the actual crown is ready, the dentist will try putting it on to make sure it covers the tooth entirely. It must also fit the mouth properly. Some adjustments ensure that the crown fits well. Once it fits well, the dentist will attach it to the tooth permanently using dental cement.

The pain involved:

Getting a crown is a straightforward procedure. You need not worry about the pain involved. Anaesthetics help minimize discomfort. In some cases where it is suitable, the sedation method helps to relax the patient. Most people who get a crown experience only mild pain. But if you weigh the benefits of the crown against this discomfort, a dental crown is worth it. You can also take prescribed medication to take care of any pain that you may feel afterwards. The entire procedure of getting a crown and letting you adjust to it is very smooth.

The appearance of a crown:

Crowns are prepared with much care and precision after taking impressions of your teeth. It is because they need to fit perfectly and look aesthetic. A fixed crown is usually the only visible part of the tooth. Crowns fit in with the rest of the teeth and restore the shape, appearance and alignment of a tooth.

The care required:

You need to take appropriate care to ensure that the dental crown has a long life. You may have to avoid sticky food for a few days. You should also do a warm salt water rinse 2-3 times a day. A crown requires an adjustment period of two weeks before you can get used to the foreign body in your mouth. After a while, you will neither feel nor remember that it is there. The crown looks and feels like a healthy tooth in a few days, and you should treat it accordingly. The care required after it settles in place is mostly the same as it is for a regular tooth.

When a dental crown has run its course, it should be duly replaced. If you do not replace the crown, there is a risk of trouble from the issue that plagued the tooth initially. Dentists nowadays use sedation dentistry methods to make your experience pain free.

Dental crowns are a blessing and one of the best gifts of dental science. You can always get all your queries about dental crowns answered by your doctor. You should actively seek out information and take part in the decisions about your oral care and requirements.

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