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I believe in .....

Jun 2, 2020
Debbie A. Anderson
Core Spirit member since Jun 2, 2020
Reading time 2 min.

I truly believe that we are drawn in a particular direction for a reason.. be it spiritual, love or life… maybe it is about revisiting and forgiving… maybe it is about embracing and learning… whatever it is, when we are in that intention, with complete synchronicity, we learn something.

When we receive messages from the Universe they are timely, and although sometimes meant directly for us, every now and again they are for us to share with others.

I have been seeing 444 in whatever form that spirit brings it towards me to see and today I want to share this with you. Not for any other reason than I feel guided to do so.

At this moment, our world to some may feel like it is in chaos regarding belief and spirituality… possibly linked to past lives and the inaugural power struggles within mankind. I wonder if that state of flux is a reminder to me why I am eclectic in my work… standing alone is not necessarily lonely.

My road, my decision, and thankfully we are all different… it is when we seek inside, listen, and respond to where we are guided that matters most.

We are all here to receive the vibrational blessings on the road to what some refer to as the “awakening”, so the more we connect, calibrate to that frequency in awareness, the easier it does become. This is more about you discovering you, in the I AM essence, so step into that consciousness and let it assist you in whatever way you need.

Each of us has a life journey, and of course the human element that is mixed into it, is our free will, so don’t ever feel you are not exactly where you should be at any given time. Because if you do, sadly you miss out on the “present”… the gift we receive every day. As someone once shared with me, every day we awake and it is a clean slate, we choose what we do with that day, in any given moment. If you are unsure, then ask your guardian angel to assist you. They are there whenever you need them, just speak up, spend time with them, just like you would an old friend. It is about trust, faith and of course patience.

When we are in harmony, synchronized in our soul essence we don’t have to question is this the right path, am I exactly where I should be, because we have trusted that we will receive the signs, the notification if you like, from spirit. Whether this is listening to my intuition… my gut…. my heart. Unconditionally resonating with what happens… good, bad, happy, sad and … everything in between.

So, when I see 444 in whatever form it appears, it is memo from my guides, helpers, angels… God. Saying, you are amazing, you are on track, you are exactly where you should be right now, and when there, you are in full intention to absorb, observe and in that moment.

Spirit communicate with us, so take some time to reflect on what messages you have been sent today, yesterday and be open and ready tomorrow.

Vibrational Blessings Debbie A. Anderson

Debbie A. Anderson
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