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Back Pain
History and Techniques of Traditional Chinese Massage

What is Chinese Massage Therapy?

In terms of massage therapy techniques, the Chinese have historically been ahead of their time by applying age-old methodology to the human body. Massage – known in Chinese as ‘an mo’ or ‘tui na’ – has been proven…

Emotional Stress Release
Why Your Pain And Symptoms Are A Blessing Not A Curse

One of my favourite sayings is: "Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you"

I am sure a lot of the spiritually minded people tuning into the podcast can appreciate that statement, but why do we have a different approach whe…

German New Medicine
An introduction into German New Medicine

Have you ever got sick when you go on holidays or take a break? Have you ever had a pain that keeps returning for no reason, or an injury that takes way longer   to heal than it should. 

I discovered German New Medicine …

Traditional Chinese Massage
Massage Lomi Lomi: Traditional & Modern

Lomi lomi is considered to be a Hawaiian healing massage that gives nurturing and loving touch.

Some people find out abo…

Visceral Massage
Visceral Manipulation – General Overview

When you hear about massage, you automatically feel your body slowly relaxing. Being rubbed down - even if it's by your your cat that is …

Back Pain
Lower back pain and kinesoilogy.

Low back pain is a common disorder, affecting around one-third of the UK adult population each year. It is mostly looked at as a structural only problem and treated with bones and muscles manipulation techniques.

What is the root cause of back pa…

Back Pain
Back pain? This vitamin could be natural way to relieve it

Back pain and osteoarthritis pain affect between 35 and 51 per cent of adults, according to research. However, instead of traditional painkillers, consuming more vitamin D could be a natural way to relieve pain-related conditions, including fibromyalgi…

Back Pain
Different Ways to Improve Low Back Pain

Back pain is pretty common. There’s a good chance you or someone you know has experienced low back pain at least once in their lifetime. The most common cause of missed workdays and job-related disability, low back pain accounts for a large proportion …

Back Pain
Practical Guidelines To Prevent Back Pain And Finding The Rig...

Back pain can be caused due to a number of reasons including strained muscles, skeletal problems, sleep disorders, bad mattresses, and body wrong posture. According to the latest survey, about 80% of people experience back pain at some part of their li…

Thai Massage therapy and Joint Mobilization decrease low back...

Pain strength and functional disability decreased considerably among people with chronic nonspecific low back pain after getting either Thai massage treatment or joint mobilization two times per week for four weeks, according to recent study.