Tania Padley

I have embarked on a Spiritual Journey that has taken me to places that I never knew existed; the more I am learning, the more I find I am wanting to share with others.Everything that I would like to assist you with, I can assure you that I have personally experienced and overcome myself. I do have some very valuable insights that will help you find your own unique pathway through life...
Practitioner Services
Cape Town, South Africa
My Mission in life is to raise awareness to the beautiful souls on our planet who are also seeking enllghtnement in order to enhance their personal journey. My tools of the trade are the Tarot, Astrology (Natal charts), personal experiences, research and basically adhereing to all the Laws of the Universe. I am prepared to do online sessions, but the first session will be to gather as much information that I can about you; to be in the perfect position to provide you with the clarity you are seeking. My main focus is towards Indigos and Lightworkers; and for those who are seeking to master their lives by aiming high at everything they do; to become the best that they can be! I am constantly striving to reach higher levels on a daily basis and would love to share my wisdom with you. I am Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, and Libra Rising so I am all about bringing justice, and balance into my area of the world, and to those who are graviting towards me; being an Indigo Spiritual Warrior myself! Blessings, Love and Light