Tania Padley

I have embarked on a Spiritual Journey that continues to take me to new heigths. My Journey is teaching me more and more about myself; my strengths, my weakness, my capabilities. It is teaching me how to raise my vibrations on a daily basis; but most of all, it has taught me how to spread my wings and fly. Please allow me to help you spread your wings. Blessings, Love and Light.
Practitioner Services
Cape Town, South Africa
The tools of my trade extend to Astrology and Tarot, Numerology for decoding behavior; a myriad of personal life altering experiences, as well as following the Laws of the Universe. What you will gain from a consultation with me: Your life path number, your Sun and Moon signs, and their respective meanings - this is standard together with your requirements upon consultation. My Practice is based on creating "self-help solutions" to assist with our human experience on Planet Earth. Your first consultation will be free of charge (needed to gather the relevant information), and I will also ensure that you get a monthly reflection for a period of three months, to guide you through this process. I am prepared to do video conferences or record the information when necessary.