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I guide female executives out of corporate chaos and into the lives they truly desire. Through coaching, spiritual practices and mindset shifts, I support women in redefining their dreams and desires so they can uplevel their lives from the inside out. With over a decade of experience, my transformation expertise varies from health, fitness and lifestyle to career, abundances, relationships, play.

3 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2022

Practitioner Reviews

2 min.
Career Coaching
Jan 10 2023
I have a love/hate relationship with motivation.

I have a love/hate relationship with motivation. ​

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for inspiring and motivating others. ​ It’s part of my brand after all and most of my own success has been - at least in part - inspired or motivated by advice in the books …

Afsheen Shah
3 min.
Dec 27 2022
The Best Medicine For Healing Your Body Lies Within Your Own Mind

I firmly believe that if we truly want to heal our body, we need to start with our mind.
I was about 16 years old the first time I experienced my first episode of auto-immune issues. I was put on various medications which temporarily relieved some of my s…

Afsheen Shah
1 min.
Life Coaching
Dec 13 2022
The Secret to Building More Meaningful Connections with Others

A common complaint I hear from clients is they feel as if they are lacking meaningful connections. They don’t want to spend time in conversations that are just “surface level”. They want depth, meaning and substance.

I get it, I crave those things also…

Afsheen Shah
4 min.
Career Coaching
Nov 29 2022
Your mind may have forgotten..but has your body…?

The tears started to well up the minute I finished my mascara. Shit. Now?! This mascara isn’t even waterproof was my first thought. But the more I tried to hold them in, the more they started to spill. Before I knew it..the dam that I had kept closed for …

Afsheen Shah
Life Coaching
Nov 15 2022
Feeling stuck in making the personal transformation you were hoping for?

Here’s some questions to journal on if you want to figure out what’s holding you back.

Who are you now?
Be honest with yourself on this one. You can’t become everything you want to be if you don’t know who you are at this moment.

Who do you want to be?

Afsheen Shah
1 min.
Career Coaching
Nov 1 2022
5 Signs you may be a people pleaser and 4 things you can do to stop

1️⃣ You have a hard time holding clear and consistent boundaries.

2️⃣ You feel guilty saying no when others ask for your help, even if it means putting your own needs to the side.

3️⃣ You feel even guilder asking others to meet your needs.

4️⃣ You get …

Afsheen Shah
2 min.
Oct 18 2022
It's Never too Late to Send Love to Your Younger Self.

Every now and then a picture will show up in my memories of a younger, thinner, more beautiful.. and immensely quieter and lonelier version of me. She wears the same smile as I do now but back then the smile rarely made it down to her heart. And the laug…

Afsheen Shah
Oct 4 2022
5 Ways Sensitive People can Manage Stress

5 Ways Sensitive People Can Manage Stress in the Workplace

Create Boundaries and Let People know if they have crossed them.

Know your triggers and Implement calming techniques once you find yourself being triggered.

Have at least 1 item readily availa…

Afsheen Shah
2 min.
Sep 20 2022
Growing up I learned early on to work hard...

Growing up I learned early on to work hard, always hustle, expect struggles…and always, ALWAYS be a “good” girl.

True generational teachings that had been passed down from every generation that came before my parents, and from my parents to me.

Not such…

Afsheen Shah
2 min.
Sep 13 2022
When the Body Suddenly Remembers What the Mind Has Long Forgotten..or Buried.

The tears started to well up the minute I finished my mascara. Shit. Now?! This mascara isn’t even waterproof was my first thought. But the more I tried to hold them in, the more they started to spill. Before I knew it..the dam that I had kept closed fo…

Afsheen Shah
2 min.
Sep 6 2022
The Real Reason You May Be Feeling Burnt Out..

I used to think that in order to have a purposeful and meaningful life, I would have to quit my job, leave the corporate world, find a new and more “spiritually satisfying “ career and of course..move to Austin.

And I almost did exactly that.

I was burn…

Afsheen Shah
3 min.
Aug 30 2022
Chronic Illness Taught me to Trust Myself and My Body

Frivolous. Excessive. Ridiculous. Over the top. Those are some of the words I’ve heard being used to describe my spending habits when it comes to health and wellness.

I have always splurged on health and wellness. A lot. Fitness was probably my first “ad…

Afsheen Shah

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