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Dec 12 2020
When I was a Slave

I was but a slave

But now I am free

Thy spirit was as dry a desert

Now it roars like a sea

I was poor, as poor can be

Now I live in a mansion

It is all as I believed

When you get here

We will go on a walk with Jesus

Just him, you and me

I’ll see…

M.T. Hubbard-Bright
Dec 12 2020
The Quantum Tunnels Within Us

Looking to nature for understanding is a great approach for defining abstract idea, I think of it as reverse engineering my surroundings in an attempt to understand the functions of the the nature which I am experiencing my life within. Sometimes we are …

M.T. Hubbard-Bright
Dec 12 2020
The Quantum Nature of Lightning Bugs

Now that we have looked at consciousness using quantum theory to explain the faculties of the mind, I would now like to look at nature to find an analog which explains Quantum mechanics. Before going into the natural analog I would like to remind everyone…

M.T. Hubbard-Bright
Dec 12 2020
The Quantum Nature of a Knot in Wood

Nature truly is astonishing, as we experience our lives the universe is constantly telling us it’s secrets. The answer to any question we may have is always right in front of our eyes, the driving forces behind the universe truly do bleed via the micro to…

M.T. Hubbard-Bright
Dec 11 2020
The Painting of My Life

The picture of my life I have painted

Is not at all a beautiful site

I tried to paint it perfectly

Oh how I tried

I know it looks like spilled paint

That was just from my lies

Alot of it I painted black

So my painting is set in the night

Oh how I …

M.T. Hubbard-Bright
Dec 11 2020
The Quantum Nature of Consciousness

Does consciousness have a quantum nature? One can think anything they would like as many likely possibilities set in superposition. However, an original thought or novel idea is not localized by your observation. A new idea is the sum of the parts of all …

M.T. Hubbard-Bright
Social Psychology
Dec 11 2020
The Quantum Entanglement of Consciousness

Einstein described quantum mechanics as ‘spooky’. This is because the mechanics have lead to a conclusion, that two separate particles at any distance can remotely and almost instantly, interact with each other.

                Not only can they inte…
M.T. Hubbard-Bright
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