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Praggati Anand Oswaal

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance. I have my PhD in Natural Medicine and am also a Certified Body and Emotion Code Practitioner. I have been practicing Yoga for a decade. I teach Iyengar Yoga and Rocket Yoga. It is my mission to assist women struggling with burnout to relieve stress and pain with Yoga and meditation.
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About Praggati Anand Oswaal

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance. I have my PhD in Natural Medicine and am also a Certified Body and Emotion Code Practitioner. I have been practicing Yoga for a decade. I teach Iyengar Yoga and Rocket Yoga. It is my mission to assist women struggling with burnout to relieve stress and pain with Yoga and meditation.

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Iyengar yoga
Praggati Anand Oswaal
5-Day Yoga Challenge

Are you looking to kickstart daily Iyengar Yoga practice that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized? Join me for this 5-Day Yoga Challenge. Each day for five days I will send a brand new Yoga practice(30 minutes duration) directly to your inbox.

This challenge is designed for all levels, from the Yoga newbies to the seasoned Yogis looking to re-inspire their practice. Get ready for long holds in classic Yoga postures that will help you reset and release tension from head to toe.

We all are getting a big serving of stress, anxiety and uncertainty every day. A regular practice of Yoga prepares you to handle the stresses of life with ease. You learn how to release stress so it does not accumulate and create dis-ease.

This is your golden opportunity to setup a consistent daily practice. Do not miss out! Best part of all, it is just $10.

Day 1: Tech Neck/Shoulders and Wrists stretching
Overview: Start things out nice and easy, get your blood flowing, play around with simple poses to relieve tension and tightness in the neck, shoulders and wrists.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 2: Hamstrings stretching
Overview: Work into some traditional poses and loosen up hamstrings to help prevent back pain, knee pain, and foot pain and rediscover freedom in movement.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 3: Core strengthening
Overview: Turn up the heat and build strength in the core which is really the center of all movements. A strong core provides better balance and better posture.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 4: Heart opening
Overview: Stretch and strengthen the spine to help keep the back strong and mobile. These backbending/chest opening poses affect not just the physical structure of the chest where the heart resides, but the energetic and emotional capacity (love, compassion, acceptance, gratitude).
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 5: Hip opening
Overview: Release tight hips for better posture and to reverse the effects of constant sitting and facilitate the movement of stagnant energy throughout the body.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Sign up and I will send you the details.

Iyengar yoga
Praggati Anand Oswaal
Iyengar Yoga On-Demand Channel Yearly Subscription

What could you achieve if you had more strength, energy and flexibility in a short period of 3 months from now? What about improvements in happiness quotient, metabolism, sleep and digestion? These are only scratching the surface of the iceberg in terms of the countless benefits you could get by practicing Yoga consistently.

Investing an hour for your own wellness is a necessity just like food, water and oxygen. Gift yourself precious ME-time everyday by practicing Yoga on-demand anytime, anywhere and any level with this channel.

My name is Pragati Oswal. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance. I am a Software Engineer who worked in corporate world for many years. However, I found my true calling in Natural Healing. I obtained my PhD in Natural Medicine and am also a Certified Body and Emotion Code Practitioner. In my quest for inner peace and mindfulness, I came across Yoga over a decade ago. I was blown away by how much a consistent, persistent practice helped me to overcome my health challenges from being burnt out with the daily stresses of life. So I decided to dive deep into Yoga and got certified. This enabled me to pass on the light of Yoga into the lives of others and manifest healing for them. I teach Iyengar Yoga which is a style of Hatha yoga that emphasizes on detail alignment of posture and aims at achieving precision and perfection in yoga poses with the help of props. I also teach Rocket Yoga which is a dynamic and fast-paced flow of yoga. It is my mission to assist women struggling with burnout to relieve stress and pain with Yoga and meditation.

The aim of this channel is to make Yoga available and accessible to all women, regardless of their flexibility, strength, age or stamina. Experience the transformations below as you practice Yoga everyday and become mindful, specially in this unprecedented time in the history of mankind with the current COVID pandemic:
• Stressed to Relaxed
• Anxious to Present
• Achy to Strong
• Scattered to Focused
• Agitated to Happy

This channel has an hour long Yoga session videos divided into the following categories :
• Beginner’s Course: Covers basic poses and is good for people who are brand new to Yoga.
• Intermediate Course: Covers some poses in more depth and also holding for longer duration and is good for people who have practiced some form of Yoga before.
• Advanced Course: Covers some of the more advanced poses which are built on the foundations of the intermediate course.
***More videos are added to the library weekly.

Monthly membership for this on-demand channel is $27.
Sign up for the yearly membership for just $199 and save $125 today!

Iyengar yoga
Praggati Anand Oswaal
Inversion Immersion with Props

"It's a good thing to turn your mind upside down now and then, like an hour-glass, to let the particles run the other way." ~ Christopher Morley

Flip your world upside down in a fun, exciting and methodical way in this course called “Inversion Immersion with Props”. Just as yoga gently encourages you to move away from any unconscious habitual patterns, the invitation to invert is simply another way to shake things up, step out of a rut.

Taking our yoga poses to our hands can be very intimidating. But, it can also be a lot of fun, super exhilarating and even addictive. Turning our world upside down is also challenging by the simple fact that we spend the majority of our life right-side up. This course is designed to give you the tools you need to gain confidence, build strength and approach these inversions in a safe and effective manner. Learn warm-up practices that you can use to support your inversion practice, deepen your awareness of optimal alignment for these poses, learn how to use props to support your effort on holding the poses longer.

An inversion is most generally categorized as any asana in which the head is below the heart. There are gentler variations that may be more accessible for students early on in their inversion relationship: Downward Dog, Standing Forward Folds, Legs Up the Wall and Happy Baby are lovely ways in which to get things moving in new directions without jumping into the deep end. Yoga inversions relax the mind and awaken to what is unfolding in the present moment. This course features the foundational inversions:
-Forearm stand
-Scorpion pose
-Chin stand

Like all things in life, the suggestion to get upside-down should not be universally prescribed. There are certain contraindications that should be observed so as not to cause or exacerbate previous injuries or illnesses: high blood pressure, some heart conditions, neck injuries, recent stroke, detached retina, glaucoma and epilepsy are common issues that should be addressed before inverting. Talk with your doctor if you are unsure about your status.

Inversions give the practitioner a sense of peace and quiet in the mind. They require a level of focus, strength and balance like no other poses. Inversions help to detoxify the body of impurities while building core strength and muscle firmness. The benefits of regularly inverting your body range from aiding digestion to alleviating stress to improving mental clarity to improving blood circulation to the brain and eyes. A strong inversion practice also helps with boosting your immunity and preventing illness. And before you “get it,” those many attempts remind you of how much more you have to learn, and how truly it is about the journey, not simply the destination. So humbling! Inversions reintroduce you to your inner child and remind you that though yoga is a contemplative endeavor in many ways, the asana practice is also a time to be playful and lighthearted!

List of 10 classes included in this course:
Class 1 : Sirsasana/Headstand
Class 2 : Sarvangasana/Shoulder stand
Class 3 : Pincha Mayurasana/Forearm Stand
Class 4 : Adho Mukha Vrikshasana/Handstand
Class 5 : Headstand variations
Class 6 : Boost your immunity
Class 7 : Vrischikasana/Scorpion pose
Class 8 : Handstand Variations
Class 9 : Ganda Bherundasana/Chin stand
Class 10 : Restorative Inversions

This course is open to all levels. So just show up with a desire to learn and have fun! Like Mary Poppins said, “When the world turns UPSIDE DOWN the best thing to do is TURN right along with it”!!

Chakra Balancing
Praggati Anand Oswaal
7 Day Chakra Challenge

READY to bring balance to your body and mind.
READY to ignite your passion and creativity.
READY to boost your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love.

Life is busier than ever, and we can get more done than ever before! But our need for productivity can lead to burnout.

  • Do you feel like you’re drifting through life on auto-pilot?
  • Are you constantly stressed and anxious?
  • Is communication always a struggle?
  • Do you feel run down with no energy?
  • Are you constantly questioning your decisions?
    These are all symptoms of blocked chakras

Here’s what’s possible when you learn to balance your chakras…

  • Create a positive attitude that attracts joy into your life.
  • Feel more energized and driven.
  • Connect to your purpose and live with a deep sense of fulfillment.
  • Ignite your creativity and motivation.

What if I told you everything you needed to live your best life was already within you?

Each chakra can be correlated to everything from physical pain and discomfort in the body, to our relationships with others, emotional wellbeing, and our sense of purpose. Balancing our chakras ensures that our energy is flowing smoothly, and brings a sense of calm and peace into our lives.

This course includes a 60 min Yoga practice for balancing each Chakra and also 15-20 min meditation to connect with the Chakra at the energy level. All these videos are part of this course and you have access to them for lifetime once you sign up for the course.

Day 1 : Root Chakra
When the Root Chakra energy is vibrant and flowing well, we have a great connection to the earth and feel reassured.We are not struggling to feel safe and secure. We just are! This Chakra and energy governs our survival and stability, controlling fight or flight responses.

Day 2 : Sacral Chakra
This Chakra and energy governs our emotions. It is linked to our feelings, creativity, sensuality, and sexuality. When this energy is vibrant, we embrace and enjoy life .We can easily let go of situations without excessive dwelling, and we can express ourselves without being selfish or cruel. We tend to ooze happiness and find joy everywhere!

Day 3 : Solar Plexus Chakra
This Chakra and energy is all about your personal power and how much of your life you take accountability for. When this energy is vibrant and flowing well, we are confidently decisive but still able to enjoy the spirit of spontaneity. We have a strong sense of purpose combined with healthy self-esteem. When it is out of balance, you may feel out of touch with the fire within you.

Day 4 : Heart Chakra
This Chakra energy plays a significant role in attaining overall energetic balance. It relates to our ability to give and receive love. It circulates our emotional energy and governs our empathy, ability to forgive, compassion, divine love, and how we process grief. Without your heart Chakra being open, love cannot and will not prevail.

Day 5 : Throat Chakra
This Chakra and energy governs our communication and creativity and is linked to our independence, use of language and ability to speak our truth. Not being able to freely communicate or express your thoughts and opinions will cause this Chakra to fall out of balance

Day 6 : Third Eye Chakra
This Chakra and energy governs our intuition, thoughts, and imagination, resulting in our ability to self-reflect and have a vision. When this energy is balanced, we have clarity of mind and great focus. We’re able to accept and live our truth. We are not easily distracted.

Day 7 : Crown Chakra
This Chakra and energy is linked to spiritual awareness, presence of true mindfulness and universal unity. When in balance, we are open to knowledge and the wisdom of others and are living our best, most fulfilled, and peaceful life.


  • Video on various meditation postures and breathing techniques
  • Chakra Balancing Manual
Praggati Anand Oswaal
10 Yoga Myths Debunked

1.Yoga is only for flexible people

The truth is that practicing Yoga asanas on a consistent basis improves flexibility. Saying you have to be flexible for Yoga is like saying you have to be in shape to go to the gym. In fact, Yoga increases the awareness of our body and the asanas which are difficult for us are the ones that we truly need. This comes over time as long as we have a playful attitude and stay connected with the breath.

2.Yoga is only for young, athletic people

The truth is that Yoga is for everyone regardless of the age, gender, physical ability or stamina. Anybody can begin to practice Yoga at any age under the able guidance of an experienced teacher.

3.Yoga is for spiritual people

The truth is that Yoga is for everyone as long as you can breathe. Sometimes Yoga can feel boring ,challenging or overwhelming among a million other things. The goal is to just observe these thoughts and feelings from a bird's eye view and just BE. Yoga is a way to connect with the present moment through your breath. Its an opportunity to tune into higher states of consciousness and connect with one's highest self.

4.Yoga is just stretching

The truth is that Yoga asanas is your chance to transform yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, The word "Yoga" means the union of mind and body through your breath. Yoga is a healing practice of mindfulness. Yoga only works for you as deeply as you allow it to.

5.Using props while doing Yoga is not good (or correct)

The truth is that using props when you need them will actually help to build strength, flexibility, and confidence over time. Every person has varying abilities and body mechanics. Yoga is meant to honor and celebrate these differences. While props can make difficult poses more accessible, they can just as easily modify a pose to be more intense or advanced.

6.Yoga is too hard

The truth is that each Yoga asana is a process and not the destination. Yoga practice is a playground for exploration of the connection between the body and the mind. It is not about touching the toes in a forward bend or about holding up in inversions. As long as you keep practicing without expectations of the perfect final pose, progress is bound to follow. Yoga is not a competitive sport and there is no reason to strive only for perfection. Its important to be able to let go and surrender to the present capacity and let the body blooms just like the flower does when its ready.

7.To do Yoga, a person must convert to Vegan

The truth is that there is no rule to be vegetarian or vegan if you want to practice Yoga. A lot of Yogis voluntarily give up meat and chose a more healthy and holistic lifestyle. We are what we eat and a balanced diet keeps our body and mind balanced.

8.Yoga is easy and anyone can learn Yoga by watching videos online or by reading a book

The truth is that watching videos or looking at amazing poses in books will inspire you. But this cannot be a replacement for learning under an experienced teacher. Its important to understand the nuances of the poses and also get feedback from the teacher to avoid injuries by repeatedly practicing in incorrect ways with half-baked knowledge.

9.All Yoga classes are the same

The truth is that there are different styles of Yoga. There is an evolution in Yoga in general and also in the practitioner who is practicing it. There are fast paced practices, practices focused on alignment, hot Yoga practices or practices focused on restoration or meditation. Our body is changing from day to day and it is very important to listen to your body and do what feels best for you on the given day. The beauty of Yoga is the diversity and there is something for everyone.

10.Yoga is not injury-prone

The truth is that Yoga must be practiced with Ahimsa i.e. lot of compassion towards oneself. A regular practice improves flexibility and strength that results in better mobility. You need to be able to breathe and be comfortable in each pose using the space that the body gives in that moment and not to abuse it. Yoga journey is a daily practice, an ongoing principle and an endless exploration full of possibilities.

Praggati Anand Oswaal
10 reasons why I practice Yoga

Yoga is my passion and it has changed my life and its perspective in many ways. Here are the top 10 reasons why I practice Yoga everyday


Physical and mental toxins create stiffness and tension in the body and mind. On some days, I do a pose so easily and on other days, the same pose seems so out of reach. Yoga helps me become aware of which state my body is in today and to be compassionate and work the pose as per my capacity today. It raises my awareness about differences in both sides of the body, differences in the tightness in various parts of the body, differences in my emotional and mental state from day to day. Taking all these into consideration, when I work on the poses, it helps me relax, refresh and rejuvenate my body, mind and soul. I always feel better after my practice than how I was feeling before.


When I was learning Handstand pose, I had to first believe that I can do it, just like any new venture that one wants to achieve in life. I concentrated to keep my hands straight and push through my shoulders and tighten my core and keep my legs engaged so I could stay up without falling. I kept practicing every day until finally one day I was able to do the pose. Yoga is about showing up on the mat everyday and waiting patiently for the body to open up like the flower blooms when it is ready. This instills endurance, patience and perseverance at everything that we do in life. Yoga is about growth, lifting of the energy and strengthening of the mind and the body.


I had to face my fear of falling, when I learnt how to do Crow pose. I had to focus on keeping my gaze in the front and work on moving my body towards the front and not move back. I learnt to face the fear head-on and that is when transformation occurs, not just on the mat, but beyond that too. We need to work on making each pose enjoyable and stimulating at the same time and overcome our own limitations.


When I do Warrior 2 pose, I need to keep my trunk in the middle with my feet wide apart, I am neither thinking about the past nor the future, but staying in the present moment with my breath. The true magic and juice of life exists only in the present moment. Yoga facilitates this priceless opportunity throughout the practice and helps combat the restlessness and anxieties that we all have due to the modern lifestyle.


When I am working on Front split pose, I need to push myself to get my hips closer to the mat, but at the same time I need to surrender the urge to go beyond my limit and let go of my ego and ambition and stay where my body feels the best today. There needs to be an “Effortless Effort” in every pose, maintaining the delicate balance between perseverance and surrender. Somewhere between holding-on and letting-go, we learn to trust the unknown and progress happens.


I was able to do Lotus in Headstand pose effortlessly. But after an ankle fracture, I lost mobility and flexibility to be able to do that. I learnt to let go of the past and be curious and focus on relearning the pose with my current body capacity. As long as one feels comfort and steadiness in each pose, that is true Yoga. It is not about how deep or low one gets into the pose, it is about how one breathes through it with ease and strength, it is about how receptive and humble one is to the light of knowledge that each trial of the pose presents.


Without knowing all the benefits of Headstand pose, I kept practicing it every single day after being able to do it in the middle of the room just because it made me “Feel Good”. My dry eyes, my hip pain and my gloomy thoughts started disappearing and that opened my eyes to how powerful these poses are when you do them without any expectations of the results. We need to practice Yoga not to get into the most difficult poses quickly, but just practice for the sake of the practice and the benefits will follow automatically.


After my dad passed away, in my grieving process, my blood pressure shot up. His absence created a vacuum and loss of support forever. I knew that I could never come to terms with it, but practicing Yoga helped me cope with my loss, calm down my central nervous system and grounded me and helped me to find my inner strength and resilience to face this grave reality in my life. I was able to breathe better and the heart palpitations stopped. Not just this, but on multiple other occasions, Yoga has helped me maintain my health, vitality and well-being. It gets me out of my head and puts me into a creative space and into my body.


At the end of the practice, when I lie down in Corpse pose, I feel this deep connection with my true self which is limitless. I feel the oneness with the entire Universe as I work on letting go of physical and mental blockages that do not serve me anymore. This is the most peaceful and sacred part of the practice for me. It’s my little moment of connecting with what truly matters in life.


Yoga is endless and timeless, it is a practice for life. There is always scope for improvement, learning and growth. It is a spiritual practice which helps connect our body with the mind through our breath. Although, Yoga is an ancient practice, it will never get outdated.The aim of Yoga is the cessation of thoughts in the mind. As the mind becomes free of thoughts, we achieve immense joy and peace, which cannot be described in words,but can only be felt by the heart and the soul.

Praggati Anand Oswaal
Powerful Asanas and Affirmations for Chakra Balancing

In Yoga, the life force energy or "prana" travels through the subtle body in a series of channels, called "nadis". These nadis intersect at points of intensified energy, called "Chakras". A Sanskrit word for "wheels", chakras are spinning vortexes of energy in the subtle body that correspond to various glands along the spine and inside the skull. The word “chakra” has many meanings; a winding river, blooming flowers, cycles of years.

Each center has specific qualities that interact with our outer and inner worlds. According to yoga philosophy, the human body has seven major chakras which are the blueprint for one’s own inquiry and self-care and the yoga practice awakens and moves energy through the body/mind.

When the energy becomes blocked or stagnant it triggers, physical, mental or emotional imbalances that can manifest in many ways including, anxiety, poor digestion and lethargy. A well-sequenced asana practice can free up energy and stimulate the sluggish center and return the balance and “good feeling” that one associates with Yoga.

1. Root Chakra/ Muladhara

Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine near the tailbone and relates to security and basic needs.
When Root Chakra is balanced, one has good energy, a feeling of security and healthy body awareness. When Root Chakra is imbalanced, one feels lethargy, resistance to change and need to slow down.Root Chakra is associated with Earth element and is paired with Adrenal glands. The color to focus on is red and the sound to chant is “Lam”.


I feel safe and secure.

I am centered and grounded.

I am powerful, rooted and strong.

I am financially secure.

I am grounded and stable.

Some ASANAS to practice for balancing this chakra:

Natrajasana/ Dancer’s pose

Uthita Hasta Padagusthasana/ Extended Hand To Big Toe pose

Vrikshasana/ Tree pose

Uttansana/ Standing Forward Fold

Baddha konasana/ Butterfly pose

Agnistambhasana/ Firelog pose

2. Sacral Chakra/ Swadishthana

Sacral Chakra is located below the navel and relates to vitality, sensation and our relationship with others.
When the Sacral Chakra is balanced, one has stable energy, alertness, unblocked emotions and is connected to all five senses. When the Sacral Chakra is imbalanced, one feels repressed and disconnected from the senses, dry and emotionally brittle.

Sacral Chakra is associated with Water element and is paired with Ovaries/ Testis. The color to focus on is orange and the sound to chant is “Vam”.


I am creative.

I allow myself to experience pleasure.

The sweetness of life flows through me, and I radiate its joy.

My emotions are free flowing and balanced.

I embrace pleasure and abundance.

Some ASANAS to practice for balancing this chakra:

Chapasana/Sugarcane pose

Utkata konasana/Goddess pose

Mandukasana/Frog pose

Gomukhasana/Cow face pose

Upavishta konasana/Middle split

Ek pada rajakapotasana/One legged pigeon pose

3. Solar plexus Chakra/ Manipura

Solar plexus Chakra is located between the chest and the navel and relates to motivation, intention and desire.
When the Solar plexus Chakra is balanced, one achieves goals, is self-confident and has strong motivation and direction. When the Solar plexus Chakra is imbalanced, one experiences mental blocks, nervousness an impatience.

Solar plexus Chakra is associated with Fire element and is paired with Pancreas gland. The color to focus on is yellow and the sound to chant is “Ram”.


I am strong and brave.

I make decisions with confidence and conviction.

I am proud of myself and my achievements.

I have the courage to create positive change in my life.

I feel motivated to pursue my purpose.

Some ASANAS to practice for balancing this chakra:

Navasana/Boat pose

Vasisthasana/Side Plank pose

Urdhva prasarita Padasana/ Upward extended foot pose

Phalakasana/Plank pose

Virbhadrasana 3/Warrior 3

Purvottanasana/Upward plank pose

4. Heart Chakra/ Anahata

Heart Chakra is located in the center of the chest and relates to sympathy, empathy, power of unconditional love.
When the Heart Chakra is balanced, one feels love and connection to self and others. When the Heart Chakra is imbalanced, one experiences depression, loss of connection and apathy.

Heart Chakra is associated with Air element and is paired with Thymus gland. The color to focus on is green the sound to chant is “Yam”.


I welcome love with an open heart.

I forgive myself and others.

I naturally attract love everywhere I go.

I live in balance and peace.

My heart space radiates powerful green light.

Some ASANAS to practice for balancing this chakra:

Urdhva dhanurasana/Wheel pose

Ustrasana/Camel pose

Shalabasana/Locust pose

Dhanurasana/ Bow pose

Kapotasana/Pigeon pose

Anjaneyasana/Crescent moon pose

5. Throat Chakra/ Vishuddha

Throat Chakra is located in the throat and relates to creativity, self-expression and communication.
When the Throat Chakra is balanced, one has inner trust, self-reliance and easily expresses ideas and thoughts. When the Throat Chakra is imbalanced, one feels selfish, has feelings of rejection and has difficulty in expressing oneself.

Throat Chakra is associated with Ether/Space element and is paired with Thyroid gland. The color to focus on is blue and the sound to chant is “Hum”.


I express myself confidently and with ease.

I feel comfortable speaking my mind.

I am an active listener.

I have a voice and I use it.

I live an authentic life and have integrity.

**Some ASANAS to practice for balancing this chakra:
Setu bandhasana/Bridge pose


Matsyasana/Fish pose

Halasana/Plough pose

Uttana padasana/Raised legs pose

6. Third eye Chakra/ Ajna

Third eye Chakra is located between the eyebrows and relates to intuition, imagination and perception.

When the Third eye Chakra is balanced, one feels intuitive, self-connected and mentally fit. When the Third eye Chakra is imbalanced, one has mental blocks, overthinks and lacks depth.

Third eye Chakra is associated with Light element and is paired with Pituitary gland. The color to focus on is indigo and the sound to chant is “Aum”.


I feel connected to my spiritual truth.

I am intuitive.

I let my inner wisdom guide me.

I live an authentic life and have integrity.

I trust my decisions.

Some ASANAS to practice for balancing this chakra:

Balasana/Child’s pose

Pincha Mayurasana/Forearm stand

Dolphin pose

Uttansana /Standing forward fold

Prasarita padottanasana/Wide legged forward fold

7. Crown Chakra/ Sahasrara

Crown Chakra is located at the crown of the head and relates to wisdom and enlightenment.

When the Crown Chakra is balanced, one feels strong, unclouded and experiences joy from within. When the Crown Chakra is imbalanced, one feels loss of self, spiritual abandonment and lack of connection with the universe.

Crown Chakra is associated with Cosmic Energy and is paired with Pineal gland. The color to focus on is violet and the sound to chant is “Aum”.


I am divinely guided and inspired.

I am infinite and boundless.

I go beyond my limiting beliefs and accept myself totally.

I am open to divine wisdom.

I live in the present moment.

Some ASANAS to practice for balancing this chakra:

Adho Mukha Vrikshasana/Handstand


Sasangasana/Rabbit pose

Shavasana/Corpse pose

Padmasana/Lotus pose

Praggati Anand Oswaal
How Yoga transforms your Body and Mind?

From ambitious career aspiration to family demands, to stress in school or college, worries about our environment, financial insecurity, coping with aging, fighting life-threatening diseases and myriads of other triggers – we live in a “stress bubble”. Honestly, not everyone lives in this bubble but much of modern society does and it’s getting beyond control for some people. We have become more physically and emotionally unfit, and social media and smartphones constantly connect us with the world yet we are also disconnected from one another. Work, home and school stress seem to be at an all-time high with the incidence of stress related disease rising.

We are so busy living in our heads, in all the big events that may happen in the future, in all the vacations we will take one day, in that huge special occasion that is going to happen after we achieve our dream.We forget to be here and present. We forget that today our heart was beating in the morning and we were breathing and aren’t these such miracles? We forget the smell and freshness of dawn, the beauty of a spectacular sunset, the refreshing cool breeze, the mouth-watering flavor of the our favorite foods, the voices of the kids, the sound of the waves, the healing capacity of walking barefoot on a lawn. We forget that we can walk,jump,run,talk and sing and aren’t these such miracles?

Yoga unlocks the magic within us and around us! It makes us realize that the special occasion is here and now, in every little daily miracle, in every flower than opens and goes back to sleep at sunset.It makes us realize that we don’t need to achieve anything, that we came here to just to BE and not DO all the time! As Rolf Gates wrote, "Yoga is not a work-out, it is a work-in. And this is the point of spiritual practice; to make us teachable; to open up our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can know what we already know and be who we already are." The practice of yoga is not about touching the toes, doing a backbend, handstand, or even about gaining greater happiness and joy. Yoga aims towards transcendence of all those things. In a culture in which we are multitasking and in a constant rat-race with non-stop to-do lists lingering in our heads,Yoga opens up the possibility of connecting to what we already have and to who we already are.

Yoga improves blood circulation, digestion and metabolism, improves joint health and muscle tone, relieves muscle pain and tension, calms down the central nervous system just to list a few benefits. When high levels of cortisol are secreted within the bloodstream, stress levels rise and there is a higher propensity for anxiety and depression. Yoga has been proven to reduce the level of cortisol. Researchers recommend the use of yoga for its abilities to act as an anti-depressant on its own and to act as a catalyst to enhance the results of actual medication. Yoga facilitates a state of deep calm and reflection, otherwise absent in the materialist, fast-paced world where people have forgotten how to delve into a journey within themselves. Yoga cultivates greater self-awareness and mindfulness through teaching us how to control our breathing, thus making us more aware of your surroundings, our body, our actions and most importantly, our mind. By being able to focus on our breath, we are better able to be present, calm and fully engaged in the daily routine of our life.

As Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron explains, "Practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we are already. The ground of practice is you or me or whoever we are right now, just as we are. We recognize our capacity to relax with the clarity, the space, the open-ended awareness that already exists in our minds. We experience moments of being right here that feel simple, direct, and uncluttered." People say I am not flexible enough or young enough or strong enough to do Yoga. Saying you are not "– enough" for Yoga is like saying you are too dirty to take a bath. Yoga is not about attaining the perfect pose. We need to modify the pose to feel comfortable in our own body and that changes from day to day. We can use props to enhance our capability of getting into the poses and staying in them. It’s not about being "good enough" or "perfect". Yoga is about removing any judgments and letting us be present to who we are now.

Post-yoga, we feel calmer and more aware of our body, and this flows into everything that we do: how we work and relate to others, how we eat,walk,sit and sleep, how we look at our own life and the challenges that we face. We increase our focus and concentration through rhythmic, focused breathing in Yoga. 
We gain strength, stamina, balance and stability as we practice holding the poses for longer duration. Yoga improves posture by opening tight areas of the body like the shoulders and muscles of the back. You are as young as your spine is and Yoga helps with maintaining agility, mobility and strength in the spine. A healthy lifestyle starts with a relaxed and healthy mind and body which can be achieved through the regular and consistent practice of Yoga. The external stressors will always be present in our lives. So we need a strong foundation of connecting with our inner strength and power through the daily practice of Yoga!

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Iyengar yoga
Praggati Anand Oswaal
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Praggati Anand Oswaal
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Iyengar yoga
Praggati Anand Oswaal
Iyengar Yoga On-Demand Channel Yearly Subscription

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New session 7 Day Chakra Challenge already available! Book it now

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Iyengar yoga
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