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When we talk about πŸ’«needsπŸ’«
what do we think of them, what is our perception exactly, when it comes to that subject?

Let me tell you what I think and observe. We, humans, are very dramatic beings, which might be the thing I love the most about us. So, in this context, we are either

pushing against our very needs, or
completely letting needs take over our whole existence and reason to be here

We are pushing against them when

everybody goes around and says: "You don't need approval. You don't need his/her love. You don't need his/her attention. Trust me, you are fine without it, trust me - just love yourself", denying ourselves and other the very recognition that we need the most. In these cases, people might also add an - "chill, you are overreacting", the thing that adds maximum tension because let's be real, there's no such thing as over-reacting, there's only reacting and any action or manifestation of behaviour, thinking which might seem exaggerated to others, it is just about their view and perception and says nothing about you, since, very clearly -> behind every behaviour wether of thinking or action, there is a reason, a Belief, a thing to be noticed and questioned. There's no such thing as overreacting, the term is not valid. And know this: those who use it are for sure using the same kind of perception on their behaviour, which only brings up more frustration

And so, when I hear something like that, I'm like "...but I do. I do need it"β“πŸ€”πŸ˜…...

How can I ignore and deny something I'm clearly feeling just because it shouldn't be felt, by other people's definitions? The thing is, by not paying attention and deluding ourselves into a non-existent perfection, we can do Us so much harm, it's like we're running and running and think we're getting somewhere of great importance when in reality we are only getting away from our own selves. Who says needs shouldn't be felt? The norms, the standards - "love yourself" standards? What does that mean - "love yourself"?

🀍 Doesn't it mean embracing every single aspect of ourselves? 🀍 Which will truly bring the so wanted harmony we chase in all this mess. A beautiful, beautiful mess

Then, there is the opposite related polar, in which we manifest a needy life, we constantly manifest the ->lack<- or something, that we could have if we would just change our focus from it to happiness at the moment instead. How lovely that realisation is, that we can, truly can, be happy now, no matter of our external circumstances. It is bliss. It is freedom.

And don't get me wrong, needs are wonderful. Us needing is what keeps us aware of what we want to become and to have around us. It's just that we forget to return to ourselves after we're clear on what we need. We could scream at the Universe and cry and take a sit on the ground, begin to punch our hands and feet against the ground, and then, we could stop. We could begin to heal and realise we already have everything we need, and guess what -> when we do that, what we wanted when we screamed will make its way towards us (I talk more about this here). But we choose to be stubborn little creatures and obsess about the need, which will only make us aware more of what we lack in the present, which will only further reminds us in every then-to-come moment of how much we lack it and how MUCH we need it.

But really, all need is only -> condition.

So we got here πŸ™ŒπŸ»

We acknowledge and become aware that we do in fact have those needs and our system works trough them in interactions or certain situations, that we do not need to cling on the need forever. So how do we deal with them?

Some are healthy and come naturally, but we have to make a difference between those kinda longings and the ones that are built into our system trough past experiences, trough other people's beliefs, trough our environment, because trough those, we actually -> go against ourselves. We can make the difference by recognising πŸ‘‰πŸ» the place they are coming from πŸ‘‰πŸ» out of lack or out of full. It's all about that kind of awareness of internal reasons. That means: if you need something because you lack it or if you need it because you are it and it would only fit and satisfy your already so fulfilling and magnificent experience.

❔ This requires questioning ❔

So the necessity really is just looking at that need, feeling what comes with it, looking at it dead in the face while hugging it and asking
"- Why do I need his/her love?

  • Why do I need his/her friendship?
  • Why do I need people's approval?
  • Why do I need to condition myself, when I am limitless?
  • Why do I need to feel good now.
  • Why do I think I need something to be well"

The Whys πŸ’œ

Through that, we set the intention to start digging deeper into ourselves, into the knowing of our very possible blindspots. Because the answer to all those questions is no other than we don't realise what we already are, what we already have and how it is all just singing and playing and dancing around us or with us. It is clinging for our hands to grab and come along but we don't see it when we're facing this

And then, the journey begins.
Sweet journey of self-discovery πŸ”¦
Shadow facing, the hidden part.
The suppressed part πŸŒ“
Hard as hell, lovely as it can get to be

With the purpose: Pure acceptance. Of total. Of whole ☯️ Of being in every way you can possibly be in, at the moment and create a balance out of every emotion, every tendency βš–, not for someone else's benefit, not because we feel obliged to, but because it is the best for US and because it brings us more and more towards a place of so much peace, of relief, of non-resistance, of dancing with your own self in pure, pure joy, in every moment. Can you imagine that? You can have that, there is magic happening with each intention we send "out there" -> right here and since you're reading this article, I simply know this resonates with you somehow, in some way, trough some perception

πŸŒ‘ The Dark Night Of The Soul πŸŒ‘

And it always comes back to the basic, to simplicity, into coming to know what was there all along, right in ourselves. Simple as it's almost dull to realise. I say almost, because it's not close enough, since it's so thrilling

The Flow of Everything, pure pleasure

In finding out

And loving in.
And then, of course, reflecting out

How do you deal with it once you have the reasons? It all depends on the need, on the noticed tendency, after acceptance. The only one rebelling trough those is your frustrated, lonely, ignored inner child πŸ§’πŸ»πŸ‘§πŸ», who was maybe exposed to some conditioned behaviours, but now, only conditioned by you. You can break free of those, you just have to handle him/her with care and love and hold him/her in everything that you do 🀲🏻

And after seeing how aligned and right that feels, any traumatic, conditioned cycle that might be triggered in you will only reflect the opportunity for growth, an opportunity for evolution (more about the traumatic cycles here). For everything that you attract reflects an activable vibration in you, nothing less, nothing more. Nothing but true peace realising that. So effective, so effortless.

Still, exciting and nurturing

So really, just enjoy it.

🦦 And don't forget to play trough it 🦦

You don't need food or sleep

You are a creature of vibration. Your are pure energy. What is that energy? Pure Prana. Pure life force. You decide to live in any way you desire. You feel the Prana recognising in your every cell resonating trough your whole being. You are

And so, knowing this, just see: you are not dependent on any external matter. The external matter (food) is just feeding the external matter (your body). Once you realise who you are and don't identify with the body anymore, you don't only realise you don't need all this external adds, but also that you can mold your body matter in concordance with external matter by your own will, desire and pleasure.

This meaning you can eat anything you want, at any time you want, how much you want and it won't affect anything vibrationally in you. Because it is not you, it is just you experiementing, and testing pleasures, desires.

I am being shown this now, but how I realised it was when I stopped eating everything for 3 days which extended beyond my will but because of my stomach's inability to receive food anymore -to one week. I had this realisation that you don't need food, that triugh your uncontrolable craving and overwhelming ones, the hunger, you only crave -PRANA. Same with water, you do not need it, I was thirsty, so thirsty after 3 days of not drinking but I read Jesus words: drink from the eternal Water and you will not thirst ever again. So I went to bed thirsty. I had a dream in which a light being poured water from a big cup into me and said "drink, dear".

I woke up not thirsty anymore.

After that week, it was hard mentally to start eating again, there was a fear I had to process. But once I started, I freaking ate all that was there and I was feeling craving for, I was eating big big cantities of food in little time and it did not affect me in any way. My sister was amazed by the fact that I was eating so much, more than her and at such a speed. It felt like the food was reaching my stomach but that was it. Matter meeting matter and blending in. But I was not being affected by it not even one bit.

Another way this was shown to me was I met someone in the mental facility I was in, he isolated without food for like 3 weeks in a mine during his work. He had the experience of stepping out of his body and someone acing this gold matter on him, which made him realise he is pure gold. At the hospital, he was eating and drinking lot and lot of coffee and coke and everyone, the doctors specially were telling him that it's not healthy and he's not allowed to anymore but he was laughing and telling me secretly "they don't know food and drinks do nothing to you". I knew what he was saying specially because of what I was going trough.

And so, there is this fear implemented by people now. If you drink coffee and you have anxiety it might get worse, etc. But when you realise you are not anxiety and you are not the blend between your body and coffee, that doesn't have to be the truth. You can drink as much coffee as you want, it won't do anything to you. So the answer is pushing trough that fear.

For me the answer for realisation is digging in into cravings. The more I surrender to them, the more they loose grip on me. The more I control my desire of what I want and choose to eat because I realise it is safe to even try unhealthy foods because hell, I'm not the blend between the body and the food!.
So you can eat anything you want. What feels best, healthy unhealthy, what you desire in the moment.

You are totally free!

How cool is that?!

Now, sleep.

Sleep is supposed to replenish your body, to give it the necessary rest so that it can function normally and work in a healthy way.

But..hear me out. If you are already always but always replenished by that Prana, what is sleep good for?

What's it's purpose? None. 0. No relevance.

Because it does not point to the truth of our nature
Which is pure Prana. Prana doesn't need rest, Prana doesn't need external replenish. It is replenish itself.

You are replenish itself. You don't need to engage in behaviours and habbits and human necessities to get it. Please, realise, you already have it.

You can of course choose to sleep if you want to and that's your desire even when you realise this.
Sleep can be nice sometimes. But the thing is -it's an active choice. It's you doing what you want not because you need to or you need it

You don't need anything. You are the need aswell as your the realisation of fullness within yourself.

You are the fullness. Fullness does not need.

Anything external. Ever. Anything from matter reality. You are not the matter. You are the life force driving that matter and manipulating it at your will by your desires which can be conscious desires.

Aligned to your highest good. And highest purpose.

You are the purpose. You are the highest good. So everything you choose, evergthing you do, everything you are is perfect, imperfect and it just is at the same time.

You are what you eat and what products you use

What does this mean?

The vibration you eat becomes you. But it already lived inside you because that's what attracted you to eat it.

So perfect cooperative components attracted and mergem. Into ascending.

Because when there's no vibration in you that attracts a certain food, you'll reject it and you'll feel repulsed by it

While it still attracts you, it means there's processing to do, and realising

-the more I eat that, the less conscious I become

Is it a bad thing? Not
Because that unconsciousness was already in you, waiting to be triggered and met and embodied, to be transmuted

Your level of consciousness in the moment attracts the same level of consciousness

The more conscious you become, the less you attract and feel desire for certain low vibrational foods.

Like premade stuff. It can be anything from meat to vegan replacement for that, to cheese, to bottled milk.

The vibration you put on your body becomes you. Deodorants, creams, dush gels, shampoos.

The higher in consciousness you are, the more you attract more natural things. Closest thing to that being essential oils and natural oils in general

Other products that you use are cleaning products, in your home. Most cleaning products are really toxic -for your environment and for you. That substance, it is not natural. Better would be to use the most natural version if you can find or create them yourself. Lemon can be a great cleaning liquid. It disinfects and purifies. Oranges aswell. For a more sweet tendency to it. You can use oranges liquid mixed with water to purify your air. You can eat the fruit, soak the fragmented peeling in a jar of water and sprinkle it or spray it across things and around your room and appartment.

You can use lemon to create a perfect liquid to wash your body too. It eliminates hard and any smells and it kills any bacteria. Plus, it's high vibrational.

You can eat and use low vibration products and food all you want but it won't have no effect on your vibration anymore. You will be immune. Thus, feeling the need to use something that will at least match your vibration so you feel some kind of connection or that will even rise it. That desire would be the ultimate goal. Finding what suits that raises it.

Self love won't change, no matter what you use or eat. It's just awareness that will create the natural will to higher vibration things. Thus, loving yourself more for it. For noticing. For wanting to dare. For daring and for established unshakable growth.

There will always be things that will come that will adjust your vibration and your level of tolerance. No matter how high you ascend, because that high will become the normal for you. So there is always higher. A higher way of being. That attracts higher vibrational components. For it needs to meet the need for growth.

And Love will always be there.

Darkness is my friend

With the purpose of transmuting,
With the purpose of becoming
With the purpose of eliminating any enemy
-you have to succumb to them
You have to let them guide you into your deepest fear. Let them drop you in that place and sit in it all by yourself

Because they won't be with you. That's why they're friends disguised as enemies. They are meant to teach you about yourself and teach you your ability, your way, your truth and your strenght ultimate. Also, your capacity for compassion and love
They are not here to hold your hand, they are here to hold your spirit in communion, in reunion, in resemblence. In remembering
They are here to help you transmute the deepest untouched darkness in yourself. The deepest unknown, unreached plays that requires your urgent attention

So - it's okay to fall. It's okay to lower vibration. Because you can only fall at a level you're already vibrating within you. And once reached there and once shown the truth and what it's meant to teach you, it's your choice: to remain, or to ascend. And your higher self will make sure you are pushed trough everything into ascending, until you don't have a choice anymore but to succumb -to ascending this time
Now, this is ascending. Ascending can only happen once you've allowed yourself to go that low in yourself. Once you've allowed yourself to recognise your already existing -low. Not ignore it. To allow yourself to recognise and become aware of a part of you you did not even know it was there. But it is shown trough them. You can find it in them - the ones that you perceive your enemies. The ones that you perceive pure demons. The ones that you believe are "dragging you down"

They are gifts in disguise of evil.
They are showing you the evil in yourself
They are coming to make you pure and make you see yourself,
-exactly as you are.
Your true form, not an illussion
No a meare impression
But the way you are supposed to be

They are angels.
You are angel.
You together lead each other into self recognition. Self beyond the false self

I don't like the term ego and soul - it never felt right. Because it feels like promoting separation. All is self. All is one. There's no point in separating
So - self - you and false self - you but in illusion
The notions uniting themselves into one existance. A certain separation still being there, in perception

False self is tricky. It wants to take a grip of you, convince of certain "truths" and keep you in a state of feeding it's desires and requirements to exist
Altough, self is always pushing you towards denying false self, into breaking out of it

All of this is mended trough awareness. Which blends harmouniously the 2 of them, into a miraculous cooperation
Cooperation into breaking into unity. True unity. Within, and then able to recognise it without.
Because the outside mirrors the inside.
Every step and every progress is shown in every moment.

The funny time is when you feel false self fighting against self. It's a conflict you cannot mend trough engaging in it. It's a conflict that will only provoke more self suffering if perpetuated. The answer is awareness and not fighting.

I repeat. Don't fight. As in we're not here to fight. We're here to surrender

And that, my friend is your true nature

One of total alignment and succumbment to contributing to all that has to be and all that is

Ultimately becoming a cooperative component, no matter what that means you'll become
-that is ultimate surrender

Accepting and choosing to play your part
Into the beauty that all is
And so, a deeper love emerges
A thankfulness

There is a deceiving in one's manifestation. There is a deceving of the false self. What it shows - it's not you. It's your conditioning

And so, when they need to fall into that way arrives - one must fall

Also, the fall expresses troughout all your body and way it manifests, under what form. Your body is reflecting your consciousness level. Sickness is only a stage. A stage in remembering health. A necessary falling for transmuting

See, there's nothing else than falling to remember.

Nothing else is true. No definition, no perception

The truth is true love. In all the ways manifested and perceived

And everything encourages remembering that love

It's okay when you don't see it. It's still there

In Hope

You can actually choose when you die. I know it can’t be perceived or understood if you haven’t received this download already but, your death has been already decided by you, before you incarnated here, you knew what you came here for, purpose which is only becoming more and more with every second of this experience, constant evolving, you knew that you will want to die at a certain point in our evolution, because your contribution would have been added to the One creation and maybe there’s another experience, in another life waiting for you, it’s been already decided by you, that too, not the time and day and year, because the real you (Us) doesn’t see things in time, but in the being of the Now. It is known, the Now in which you’ll want to die

However, you can really feel this, from keeping a strong divine connection, with the source, viewing things from the One perspective, and you will know it will be right because it will feel like dying in love, dying for the now has come to leave this body, it is not dying out of illness. It is not dying in an accident, you didn’t want that, randomly because of fear or ignorance or other low vibrational feelings, those can play a role in your already planned -now to go, because those are truly, spirits of darkness, created by us from malfunctioning thinking, and they are meant to manifest as they are, that is why people are dying from corona, or illness, the manifestation of fear in all cases, of stuck low feelings.

Those are the ones that damage our organs and our organs, each has it’s own life. If you focus on sending love to your liver, it actually works in healing it because Love is the only Cure. Everything, food you eat that you think could damage you, is vibration, it can’t hurt you if you eat it with the right vibration in you, it is only about belief. What you believe, will either give you complete power over your body and life, or it will destroy it. If you are eating something and thinking β€œoh, this hamburger is gonna damage my health”, it will!!!! That’s why there are humans who can eat whatever and have their health intact, because of their vibrational love alignment. What you believe controls you, that’s why it’s the best to practice self love and just focus on love, not on other people’s beliefs. If you think an illness will kill you (like cancer for example, which from what humans say, it doesn’t have a cure), it will!!!! If you follow that belief. That they decided for you, at an unconscious level, it is implanted in you, the fear arises instantly.

But what we don’t realise is that we’re strong enough to overcome it, we actually have a choice, we do, we actually do, we don’t have to die from illness, or accidents, we don’t. And if you choose to fear, when you get the symptoms, you’re only agravating it. Because it is all about faith. All about how strong can TRULY your faith in LOVE can be. Is it thaaat strooong that no thing others would say, would influence your focus from it? If you decide, I’m Love, is there aaaanything they could say or do that would make you forget who you are? Or get lost in illusion? Because we created everything, instead of defending ourselves from our own creation (in illusion), we could actually conenct to the truth, im our hearts, and stop creating the thing we think we have to defend ourselves from!!!! And that can only happen when we realise we are always safe.

Because once you realise, it’s over. You sense every bit of darkness trying to get a hold of you and you don’t let it anymore. You choose love everytime. You fight until you’re so strong in love that you are the one coming after β€œthem” this time. After the -illusion. With the truth. Armed, in Love. For the war is already won. And nothing is scary anymore

People are rebbeling all over the world already, they know why in their hearts, there’s a change happening. And I am confident, that it only gets better for humanity, from here. From every -here, from every -now. Love will always win

-In Hope. I appreciate us and want us to be happy always. Honestly, I know


You might have heard around people taking it seriously, so understandable, scared for their health, what else does the mind even perceive first when all the world goes like β€œprotect yourself or else you’re gonna die, it’s a deadly virus!!!!!!”.

Lovely people being scared

But then, there are the ones that are rebbeling. They represent the parts of us who -know- something is freaking wrong with this whole thing. They say this disease is an illusion, they are really rooted in their knowing, but there’s one error in their affirmations even if the seed of it has it’s truth and the error is -people are still dying. All over the world, people get scared, get sick, and they literally die

Let’s think why does that happen? Firstly, we are the creators of our own reality, law of attraction -proved to be real in any circumstance, we control how we perceive ourselves, as healthy or sick, helpless victims and what we attract trough our projected vibration. Something else we know for sure is that all fear is illusion, illusion which when followed can in fact create outcomes

And another thing we are sure of, there is the darkness still in our nature, rulling around trough negative thinking and feelings, until we pour love on it and it transcends into love to it’s true nature, that’s the only solution. That’s where all the theories come from, people thinking them β€œthey planned all this, it was a planned action against humanity, it wasn’t accidental”, there is so much truth in that thinking, it’s just that people project it on other people instead of realising the only source that attack comes from, is the darkness, within ourselves. The thing is, we also create illnesses in our creation, we are doing it

Now, tell me, as I know you are fighting to get a hold of this text, as you’re sensing there is truth in it, doesn’t your instinct matter most, more than what everybody else sais? Isn’t your precious instinct always, but always indicating the only truth there is, one truth, not mirrored trough the illusory physicality?

So then, another aspect needed to be adressed: the symptoms. You have the symptoms, you can’t deny their existance. And the disease spreads from one person to another, but how exactly does it happen? How do symptoms exactly get from one person to another? Realise this: symptoms are different for people and there have been signaled more than one form of this β€œvirus”. The symptoms represent: tight sensation in the chest, pain, shortage of breath, feeling of being choked, unable to swallow, fever, body pain, cough, and others. Are you familiar with the dark night of the soul? It is the journey in which one human realises all the beliefs accumulated that stopped oneself from giving true unconditional love to oneself, it’s the waking of the soul, breaking out of all illusory, darkness imposed conditions, trough society, politics, relationships with people who have fallen in the illusion of the darkness. And it freaking hurts. It is basically going trough pure hell, I’m sure everyone who has been trough it can confirm and beware, it presents the exact same symptoms, caused by the pain of

-kundalini (the life giving energy) being awakened in the body, circulating creating-heat (the fever), pain in the body

-anahata - heart chakra being awakened to it’s true feelings and emotions, connection to the soul, so much pain of not having been met with unconditional love no matter how much one tried to be the β€œgolden child”, β€œgolden citizen” β€œgolden member of society”, pain created by the realisation that we gave our full trust to a gouvernment ruled by the rules of the illusion - darkness, actually coming out of the illusion that they truly care and have our back, because we can’t deny resuts and facts and what we see no matter how much they try to make us do so.

That’s where the pain comes from, causing feeling tighteness in the chest, being chocked by feeling unempowered. This whole energy unbalance of this journey creates other feelings like fear, which manifest into other symptoms based on our belief, like that the flu is real and that we are in danger of contacting those feelings

Therefore, the mask is freaking futile. How it was already proved to be, as some people who did everything to protect themselves, contracted the disease, and some who rebell against it, never had it. The keeping distance between ourselves is only meant to separate us, into isolating ourselves, so that we feel alone and obedient and controlled and not able to count or act on our own need of human connection, human contact, how we are meant to be -together. Not separated

So dear humans, who are suffering and fear death, know this: you have been manipulated by the darkness within you, there is a cure, nobody has to die, and that is self love, self belief, self realisation of power. If you don’t believe still, and are in midst of fearing, or denial, try calming down even while feeling the symptoms and practice self love, inner child healing

Just give it a try, since you’re quarantined and probably bored, worried, just try

Now, just try this simple thing, not what they keep telling you, SELF LOVE, stop listening to them and start caring for your heart, and see how you become buletproof to anything they want to make you believe

So, wake up people, this whole pandemic is meant to make us realise that we have the power to put an end to it. Don’t feed the fear and hate anymore. Choose Love instead

For the wealth of humanity

So yes, Covid and illness is our creation, the representation of low frequency feelings. We can put an end to it completely

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