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We are Love.
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Emotional Stress Release
Nov 30 2022

When we talk about 💫needs💫
what do we think of them, what is our perception exactly, when it comes to that subject?

Let me tell you what I think and observe. We, humans, are very dramatic beings, which might be the thing I love the most about us. So, in …

Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
Nov 6 2022
You don't need food or sleep

You are a creature of vibration. Your are pure energy. What is that energy? Pure Prana. Pure life force. You decide to live in any way you desire. You feel the Prana recognising in your every cell resonating trough your whole being. You are

And so, knowi…

Clean eating
Nov 6 2022
You are what you eat and what products you use

What does this mean?

The vibration you eat becomes you. But it already lived inside you because that’s what attracted you to eat it.

So perfect cooperative components attracted and mergem. Into ascending.

Because when there’s no vibration in you that a…

Ancestral Healing
Nov 1 2022
Darkness is my friend

With the purpose of transmuting,
With the purpose of becoming
With the purpose of eliminating any enemy
-you have to succumb to them
You have to let them guide you into your deepest fear. Let them drop you in that place and sit in it all by yourself


Dec 9 2020
In Hope

You can actually choose when you die. I know it can’t be perceived or understood if you haven’t received this download already but, your death has been already decided by you, before you incarnated here, you knew what you came here for, purpose which is o…

Dec 7 2020

You might have heard around people taking it seriously, so understandable, scared for their health, what else does the mind even perceive first when all the world goes like “protect yourself or else you’re gonna die, it’s a deadly virus!!!!!!”.

Lovely pe…

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