Hi! I am an Inner Work Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. I love sharing knowledge about mindfulness, meditation, mindset, and manifestation. It’s my mission to help others overcome their inner blocks and align with ease and abundance in their lives.

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2021

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Spiritual Healing
Jun 22 2021
Healing from Judgement

Healing is a returning home, of feeling wholeness. Sometimes, it means retrieving parts of yourself that were lost in trauma or emotional events.

I feel like this last week I have had numerous opportunities for healing pop up and I took the time to heal.…

Deann Rae Jensen
Spiritual Healing
Jun 21 2021
How Hypnosis Can Help You Get into Alignment to Achieve Your Goals

Why do some of us have things that we desire for years, but never achieve?

It’s because they are out of alignment. If you’re not in alignment with what you desire, you will self-sabotage or stay stuck in a battle with yourself in achieving and receiving …

Deann Rae Jensen
Spiritual Healing
May 24 2021
Forgiveness: The Key To Unlocking Your Emotional Freedom

Forgiveness will set you free. When manifesting our best lives, holding on to resentment from the past can cause a huge, major block in our ability to tap into our power to actually do so.

I can remember a few years ago I attended a seminar on forgivenes…

Deann Rae Jensen
Ancestral Healing
May 18 2021
Blocks Entrepreneurs Face When Showing Their Spiritual Side

The Wake Up Call and Having the Courage to Follow It

Are you a soul inspired, heart-based individual who wants to do things differently?

You left the security of a job with a paycheck to run a business and follow your heart because it is more aligned wi…

Deann Rae Jensen
Spiritual Healing
May 13 2021
How Emotional Wounds from the Past Impact Your Business Today

Emotional Wounds from the Past

In the coaching industry, I hear a lot of talk of visibility wounds. These are emotional wounds from the past that cause us to feel unsafe when being seen, to play small as a means to protect ourselves, and can stop us from…

Deann Rae Jensen
Apr 26 2021
The Secret to Developing a Positive Mindset for Confidence and Success (3 Tips to a Lasting Shift)

How much we make, how we respond to stressful situations, mental illness, our personality, and level of success are all things that run in the family.

“It’s just the way it is.” or “It’s just how things are.” are statements I hear all too often when it c…

Deann Rae Jensen

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