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My name is Rae & I love to help you Heal Your Past, Create Your Future, Transform Your Present so that you can take charge of your Destiny, find your Wings and Soar to be who you are truly here on Earth to be.

I use Future Life Progression, Past Life Regression, Guided Meditation, Oracle/Angel Cards & Hypnosis to help you Transform Your Present.

Check out my Journey Through Lifetimes.

On Core Spirit since July 2020

Practitioner Reviews

2 min.
Jan 22 2021
Journey Through Lifetimes Part 4 – Why look at between lives and do a life review?

It’s important as you Journey Through Lifetimes to visit between lives and then before your incarnation into your current lifetime that you do a life review of all your previous lives. You decide to incarnate on earth but why would you choose to leave s…

Rae Caroline Calnan
3 min.
Past Life Regression
Jan 22 2021
Journey Through Lifetimes Part 3 – What Past Lives have I had and how can they affect me?

As you move further along your journey of where you came from and your first incarnation on earth you reach some of your previous past lives that you chose to experience to help you hopefully grow and evolve. I say some of your past lives as when you go o…

Rae Caroline Calnan
3 min.
Past Life Regression
Jan 22 2021
Journey Through Lifetimes Part 2 – What was my first incarnation on Earth?

From working with clients and my own insights we have already looked at why you chose to incarnate on Earth so now let us look at who or what you started life on Earth as. If you did not come from another dimension, planet, star or a place not yet revea…

Rae Caroline Calnan
1 min.
Past Life Regression
Jan 22 2021
Journey Through Lifetimes Part 1 – Where do I come from?

Where do I come from?

This is a question that has been asked many times and from working with clients who want to explore their past lives, where they originally came from and my own insights this is my answer to that question.

Yes you have come from ma…

Rae Caroline Calnan
5 min.
Sep 8 2020
Future Life Progression

Did you know that not only can you travel back in time through Past Life Regression (PLR) but you can also travel forward in time without the aid of a time machine or DeLorean car?

This is what Future Life Progression (FLP) can do, take you five, ten yea…

Rae Caroline Calnan

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Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.