Suzanne Ellison

Do you suffer from Anxiety and Panic attacks? Would you like to feel calm and confident about yourself and your ability to cope with everyday life? Having personally suffered with anxiety and depression for many years, I discovered EFT which changed my life. Now as a qualified practitioner I'm able to help others, control their thoughts, release negative emotions and improve their health.
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Do you struggle to sleep? Anxiety, PTSD or past Traumas are often the cause of insomnia. You weren't born with insomnia, therefore you are holding onto a past trauma that stops you sleeping properly. EFT has the ability to clear old emotional trauma and create a new mindset which will allow you to sleep in time.
Do you suffer from Anxiety and Panic Attacks, that affect your life? Anxiety is caused by the thoughts you have, which medication alone can't cure. Using a combination of Talk Therapy and EFT you can control your thoughts and clear the negative emotions that trigger your anxiety. You don't have to live in fear of having another anxiety attack.
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