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Do you struggle to sleep?

Anxiety, PTSD or past Traumas are often the cause of insomnia. You weren’t born with insomnia, therefore you are holding onto a past trauma that stops you sleeping properly.
EFT has the ability to clear old emotional trauma and create a new mindset which will allow you to sleep in time.

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Do you suffer from Anxiety and Panic attacks?

Would you like to feel calm and improve your confidence and self esteem about your ability to cope with everyday life?

Having cured my long term chronic anxiety and depression using EFT ( Tapping), I qualified as a practitioner so I can now help others, control their thoughts, release negative emotions, clear past traumas and improve their health.

29 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2020

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Suzanne Ellison
Sep 10, 2021

Yes, I had sleep paralysis as a result of my anxiety, so I know what that feels like and yes, the method I use would help to stop you experiencing paralysis when you sleep

Suzanne Ellison
Sep 10, 2021

Hi Emma,

If you are still having problems sleeping, then I would first want to have a complimentary assessment call with you to find out more about what was going on when you first started having sleeping problems and then if we find the cause then yes we could then address the cause using EFT and link it to your insomnia and resolve your sleeping issues

Suzanne Ellison
Sep 10, 2021

Hi Mark,

If you are still looking for help with your insomnia, then yes I offer a complimentary assessment of your situation to help you find the cause of your insomnia so that you can then decide what steps you want to take next. There is almost always an underlying cause to any symptom so when you know what that it and address it, it will then help with your insomnia or it could even resolve your insomnia

Suzanne Ellison
Sep 10, 2021

Hi April,

No you definitely are not completely didn't always have insomnia, so there are methods that can help you address the cause of your insomnia, and if you have been not sleeping, over a long period of time, then it would also be helpful to work on creating a new habit of sleeping.
From what you have written the cause is your fear of having nightmares, so that would be the first issue to address.. what is the cause of that fear, what has happened in your past that you now fear having nightmares. If you would like to have a complimentary assessment so you have a better idea of why you have a fear of having nightmares, that would help you to decide what type of help you need to get.

Mark Müller
May 13, 2021

Hello! Can you help me figure out the cause of my insomnia?

Suzanne Ellison
Apr 24, 2021

Hi Emma, when you think a thought over and over, it creates it’s own neural pathway in your brain and the more you think the thought the more connected it becomes with other neural pathways. So you just automatically think the same thought without always consciously being aware that’s what you are doing, which is why it can then be difficult to turn your thoughts off at night .
I normally start with addressing WHY you think the thoughts you do, and then what to say and do to help you stop thinking all your thoughts, so you can start to fall asleep more easily. How soundly you sleep suggests that you might have a habit of waking up regularly during the night and understanding why you wake up could also be addressed using EFT, especially if there are negative emotions involved with the thoughts you think.
Again having a no obligation strategic clarity call helps me to confirm that I can help you before any payment is made and gives you the chance to ask any questions.

Suzanne Ellison
Apr 24, 2021

Hi Lina, When you use EFT the more specific and detailed you can be about your situation, the better the results you get. Each session is 60 minutes, but depending on what solution you are looking for, will depend on how many sessions you need. Sometimes the result a clients wants can be achieved in 1 session, normally it takes 2 or 3 to make sure all the “triggers” are addressed, but you can decide after you see what results you get from the first session.
What I do advise is to have a no obligation strategic clarity call first so I know before you pay anything what solution you want to achieve, and then if you are happy to proceed, you have your first session.

I had a client who had had 15 years of counselling for a combination of issues, and couldn’t manage to leave her past traumas behind and move forward with her life… 15 years, She worked with me for 7 hours over 3 days and was able to make peace with her past and move on with her life.

Apr 23, 2021

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

Emma Stone
Apr 23, 2021

Hello! I have a certain problem with sleep: it takes me a long time to fall asleep because of my thoughts. Can your online session help me fall asleep quickly and soundly?

Suzanne Ellison
Apr 11, 2021

Hi John,
the first thing that comes to mind is if you live in a country where the clocks go back or forwards in the Spring or Autumn, but it could also be the change in the seasons. I would have to speak with you to get more details from you and also if you’ve tried other methods and what results you got if any.
If you would like to book a call with me, on Zoom or Whatsapp we could have an initial call to find out more from you.

Suzanne Ellison
Apr 11, 2021

Hi Stormi
I apologise for not getting back to you sooner.
I would have to find out more about your sleep paralysis, as this is a symptom of something else that is going on in your life. The main thing would be to find out what’s going on in your life, around the time that it happens.
I used to get paralysis in my legs due to stress when I was sleeping, but I don’t know if this is the same type of paralysis you experience, so I would have to speak with you first before I could say “yes I can help you”. If you would like to book a call with me, so I could ask you a bit more about your condition , then let me know and I can book you in on a Zoom or Whatsapp call

Suzanne Ellison
Apr 11, 2021

Hi April,
My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.
You say you are a terrible sleeper, have you always been a light sleeper?
Have you tried other methods? If so what results did you get?
EFT can help with insomnia, but it’s important to be really specific and get answer to some of the questions I’ve written.
Insomnia is a symptom, ideally you want to find the cause to get long term results, so I would be happy to have a conversation with you first and then I can decide given what you tell me if I can help you with the reason behind your insomnia.
I’m happy to do a Zoom or Whats app call with you, normally they are about 45 minutes. Would you like to book a call?

John Persey
Apr 10, 2021

I have insomnia periods only in autumn and spring. Can you help?

Stormi Smith
Mar 30, 2021

Do you help with sleep paralysis too?

April Chase
Mar 22, 2021

hello, I have such a problem… I’m a terrible sleeper, and as night approaches, I’m filled with the fear that I’ll have nightmares again. I don’t get enough sleep at all because I can’t sleep for a long time. I’ve tried everything, I think, already! Meditations, medicines, relaxing baths and soothing music, I don’t even use gadgets at night. I came across your service and I’m really interested in it. Do you think I’m not completely hopeless yet??

$150 USD