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2 min.
Apr 19 2020
How To Prioritize Your Own Mental Health

There are a lot of misconceptions about prioritizing your physical and mental health that are floating around in society. For example, there are many beliefs that your mental health is fundamentally controlled by your physical health. However, this is not…

Indy Summers
2 min.
Apr 17 2020
Tips For Growing Into A Greener Lifestyle

The grass can truly be greener on the other side where sustainability lives. Many of us want to include more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices into our daily lives but are unsure of where to start. While recycling is an obvious area, we c…

Indy Summers
2 min.
Apr 14 2020
Financial Goals That Reduces Stress

Growing up means taking responsibility for many things. You may find yourself cooking healthy meals and exercising rather than buying take-out and watching TV. But being a financially savvy adult means more than simply paying your bills on time. Here are …

Indy Summers
3 min.
Apr 16 2020
What Makes Green Superfoods So Super?

The wellness industry has taken off at lightning speed. People are searching for ways to bring balance into their lives and promote healthful habits. Green superfoods have been promoted as a way to boost health and provide a nutritional punch to otherwise…

Indy Summers
2 min.
Apr 7 2020
Health and Educational Tips When Preparing for College

High school can be a stressful time for teenagers and one of the most important parts of going to high school involves thinking about what comes next. For many students, they are thinking about going to college. This seems like the next step in life for m…

Indy Summers
2 min.
Apr 3 2020
What to Do When You Haven't Been Feeling Like Yourself

If you’ve noticed that you haven’t been feeling quite like yourself recently, there could be many things responsible for the change. You could just be stressed out from work. It’s entirely possible that having too much going on in your life and being so c…

Indy Summers
2 min.
Apr 9 2020
How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Comfortable at Home

You depend on your eyes for almost everything, so you need to take care of them the best you can. The first step is, of course, seeing your eye doctor every year for any changes. However, eye care doesn’t just stop after your appointment. There are many m…

Indy Summers
2 min.
Apr 13 2020
Make Your Life a Little Easier This Summer

For a large part of the population, saving money is more important now than ever. There are several ways of cutting household expenses here and there. One of the best ways is by lowering your monthly utility bill. This will not only save you money, but it…

Indy Summers

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Life Avenue Coaching
Life Coaching
Career Coaching

Life Avenue Coaching is a professional network of life coaches providing services for Adults, Teens and Children. Our life coach specializations include NLP, CBT, life and work balance, education/skill review, goal planning, time management, mindfulness, self-care, self-confidence, socialization, and communication, all of which bring an indepth experience in each coaching session.

ONIT TexaS-Angeleyes

ONIT TexaS-Angeleyes was founded in 2018 when I noticed that many people were stuck in different phases of the awakening. I myself went through the awakening at the age of three. I am a blogger and writer with a passion for ascension, the awakening and guiding people so they can function productively.

Pummel & Knead
Trigger point therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
Myofascial release
Sports Massage

Pummel & Knead offer a bespoke range of on-site sports and remedial massage services in the corporate workplace.

​Our seated treatments aid in well-being, stress relief and relaxation, with no disruption to the working day.

​We also run online webinar well-being workhops that help to combat stress and anxiety through breathing, self massage and stretching techniques.

Light of the Spirit Monastery
Yoga Therapy
Mindfulness meditation

Original Christianity and Original Yoga: A Practical Resource for the Spiritual Student

Journey beyond the forest of cliches, contradictions, and confusion about Yoga, Hinduism, Christianity and metaphysical thought, through the unconventional wisdom of Abbot George Burke, director of Light of the Spirit Monastery.

Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.