Kevin Qiu, MD

I guide Creative Introverts with world-changing visions in their hearts to calm + befriend their minds and rediscover + reconnect with their Child-like wonder, curiosity, and love so that they can authentically show up in their lives and joyfully + freely express who they are while having lots of fun! I have a holistic approach (mind, heart, body, energy + soul): uniting Science and Spirituality.
Practitioner Services
Personalized one-on-one coaching session: we will co-creatively redesign your day-to-day routines and schedule to prioritize experiences, people, activities, and practices that will naturally create more positive emotions and meaning into your life. The session begins with a short guided-meditation to begin tapping into joy and creativity. Together, we will identify your values and goals, then redesign your daily life so that you can access physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states that are in authentic alignment with your Higher Self.