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Hello. I am a writer, interested in sharing knowledge involving the Bible, anything relating to faith, magick, psychology, and all things esoteric.

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Organization Reviews

1 min.
Spiritual Healing
Nov 26 2021
An exercise (or challenge) in state-embodiment: Gratitude.

An exercise (or challenge) in state-embodiment: Gratitude.

To those who are open to the experience, do this, if you will. This is an attempt at invoking a mind-body state of gratitude from the Gospel narrative of Jesus Christ. Narratives are key to exper…

The Christ Dialogue
2 min.
Oct 27 2021
It's About Time For A Great Spiritual Resignation.

This message is geared primarily towards Christians, since I happen to be a believer in Christ, but if you believe yourself to be living a Spirit filled life, then take from it what you will.

Imagine for a moment a house built on a hill in an enchanted f…

The Christ Dialogue
4 min.
Brain Hacking
Jul 5 2021
Allow yourself to receive change in Christ.

In my last article, I put forth the idea that a spiritually healthy community begins with the individual. As individuals, we are all susceptible to spiritual drowsiness, and it is to our mutual benefit and edification that we remain watchful of ourselves …

The Christ Dialogue
4 min.
Jun 28 2021
A healthy spiritual community starts with the individual.

After experiencing at least, a decade’s worth of church culture, I have finally come to some painful experiential realizations (beyond intellectual realization) about the nature of religion in general. These realizations especially include religious Chris…

The Christ Dialogue
4 min.
Leadership Coaching
Apr 29 2021
Faith Mechanics: The Casimir Analogue to Manifestation

Everyone has faith in something; be it of the religious quality, atheistic, agnostic, or just plain apathetic; the human mind simply cannot function without a basic, ground state level of faith. Like a heart without blood to pump or lungs lacking air to b…

The Christ Dialogue
3 min.
Apr 14 2021
Principles of Mutual Ownership: Thoughts, Ideas, and Identities.

“The things you own, wind up owning you.” That’s probably my favorite movie-proverb among many others. I like that line especially because it has a way of dissolving the delusions that we carry around with us everywhere we go—our lenses by which we see th…

The Christ Dialogue

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Justyce Gould
United States
Spiritual Coaching
Humanistic therapy
Spiritual Healing
Free Writing

My name is Justyce Gould, and I currently serve in the Army National Guard, strongly devoted to my Christian beliefs. I have been a Christian blogger for 3 years now. I seek to answer life's questions by using the bible along with provide answers to the hard questions about God, the Bible, Jesus, and even ourselves as human beings.

Rianna Yafai
United Kingdom
Educational Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Child Psychology

A Ph.D Researcher in moral philosophy with a specialisation in virtue ethics and character development. Passionate about exploring the intersection of philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and education to create a more resilient society.

My research delves into the crucial area of shaping character during childhood and aims to uncover the key foundations for attaining wisdom in later life.

Joe Bandel
410 E River Rd, Brainerd, MN 56401, USA

I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC at the age of 18 in 1976 and finished their degree studies twenty-two years later. I am a Rosicrucian elder of that tradition as well as it's affiliate Traditional Martinist Order. I spent my entire life studying self-empowerment methods including NLP and many other cutting edge disciplines. I follow a path I call Organic Gnosticism.

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Preferred Practitioner
Darinka Burovska
Berlin, Germany
Life Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Public Speaking Coaching
Personal Development Coaching
Career Coaching

As a certified career and personal development coach, I am committed to helping individuals reach their full potential and achieve their professional and personal goals.
In addition to career coaching services, I also can support you with soft skills coaching, public speaking coaching and confidence coaching.
I am here to support and guide you every step of the way. ❤️

Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.