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Louise Francis

Hi, I am an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, Akashic Record Reader, Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader & Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner. My passion is to help my clients understand their spiritual journey, connect to their Spirit Guides, recognize their Soul gifts & remove past & present life blocks & patterns so they can create positive transformation in their lives.
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About Louise Francis

Hi, I am an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, Akashic Record Reader, Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader & Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner. My passion is to help my clients understand their spiritual journey, connect to their Spirit Guides, recognize their Soul gifts & remove past & present life blocks & patterns so they can create positive transformation in their lives.

On Core Spirit since April 2020
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Louise Francis

The history of Halloween dates back to Pagan, Celtic and Galic festivals, such as Samhain, and the Christian celebration of ‘All Hallows Eve’, the evening before ‘All Saints’ Day’ on the 1st November. Many believe the veils between the physical world and spirit world are thinnest on Halloween and the celebrations were to ward off evil spirits coming through the veil to haunt the living.

So whilst the ghosts and ghoulies most people will see this Halloween will be the fancy dress kind, there are some who are living with the reality of seeing and experiencing ghostly phenomenon. Myself included!

As a teenager, who had played around with a Ouiji board (I do not recommend this – it opens you up to all sorts of ghosts and entities – most you wouldn’t want to make friends with!), I saw ‘ghosts’ marching across my room which terrified me! This led to me hiding from my clairvoyant and spiritual abilities for many, many years.

Another time I was babysitting when I heard footsteps upstairs, only to find that the children were fast asleep and no one else was in the house (I later found out the parents knew it was haunted by a lady they quite liked sharing their home with, because they felt she watched over the children!).

I have had many experiences with the Spirit World since and I know numerous clients, friends and family members who have seen or experienced ghostly phenomenon, that there are too many to list here. Though I do retell one poignant story later.

So what is a Ghost?

A Ghost is the Soul (which can also be referred to as the ‘Spirit’ or energy) of someone who has died. It is the eternal energetic part of us that continues to exist after our body dies and our Soul returns to the Spirit World after passing. Our Soul is actually who we are – our human body is merely a vehicle for us to use in the physical, like getting into a car to get about.

Departed Souls

So let me explain about Souls. A Soul who has passed over can still return to visit loved ones here on Earth, and may do so to watch their own funeral, try to comfort loved ones, let others know they are there, pass on messages or to witness family celebrations, such as weddings. It is these Souls that Mediums contact to pass on messages and help loved ones come to terms with their loss and grief.

Visits from loved ones who have crossed over often occur as the person is dropping off to sleep or waking up. This is because our brain waves change for dream time and it is easier for Spirit to make contact then as our conscious mind is not so active at these times. They also often visit in dreams. There are many reports of people being visited by those that have passed without them knowing they had died.

I received a ‘message’ that someone I knew had died – I was ringing her doorbell at the time, unaware she had passed in her sleep! She also appeared to another friend of hers – who didn’t realise she was dead either.

Our loved ones want us to know they are okay even though they are no longer in a physical body!

Earthbound Souls

However, there are some Souls who have become Earthbound. These Souls can also be termed ‘Ghosts’ or ‘Spirits’, and they are literally stuck on the Earth plane as they did not cross over appropriately. This can happen if they died suddenly and they don’t realise they are dead, or they have unfinished business here, or if they didn’t want to leave a particular person or place. They can also get stuck on the Earth plane if they are fearful of moving into the light through not knowing if they will continue to exist or what is awaiting them after they cross over. They are reluctant to move on.

Earthbound Souls will stay around the person or environment linked to their life here. They are no longer connected to ‘Source’ or to the ‘Light’, so instead they need to get their vital force energy from the person or place they are attached to. They will create some negative energy that they resonate with and this is often upheld by the person or place where they reside. Hence why a ‘creepy’ atmosphere can often be felt around haunted properties.

If they don’t realise they are dead, Earthbound Souls may be scared and confused, wondering why no one around them can hear or notice them. They may literally carry on doing the things they did in their earthly life, hence a Clairvoyant may see “Uncle Harold” still sitting in his favourite chair reading the paper, or “Grandma” still going through the motions of baking cakes in the kitchen.

If there is great trauma or sadness with a passing, such as in war and murder, the Earthbound Soul can become stuck reliving the event and this is why some Ghosts are seen playing out those moments in time.

Malevolent Souls

The longer the Soul has been Earthbound, the more it can learn to manipulate energy until it can be heard, seen and even move objects. The people the Earthbound Soul knew may have long crossed over themselves, leaving the trapped Soul alone and even more bewildered. These Souls may become cross if ‘their’ house is sold and other people move in and can become angry and aggressive towards the new occupants. Hence, the oppressive feelings and strange phenomenon that can come with some hauntings.

The kindest thing we can do is move these stuck Souls along and help them reach their loved ones on the other side.

A Ghostly Encounter

In fact it was an Earthbound Soul that instigated my choice to do the work I do.

When my daughter was a toddler, I used to think she had come into my room and got on my bed in the night. I would get up and check on her, but she’d still be in bed asleep. This surprisingly didn’t freak me out and I wasn’t scared at all – just a little bewildered and confused.

This was before I did spiritual work myself and I was compelled to secure the services of a reputable medium who explained that there was the ghost of a little girl in my home! She had died with her mother, in a car accident outside a shopping centre, but hadn’t realised she had passed. She had come home with me because she couldn’t find her Mother and I apparently looked similar to her and, as I also had a small child, I was resonating (similar energy vibration) like her Mother.

This little girl’s Soul had been living with us, and my daughter’s Soul had apparently made friends with her. The Medium explained that my daughter’s Soul had come to say goodbye to the little girl and had left a present of a white pony or teddy bear (in fact my daughter had become pony mad around this time, even having a pony themed birthday party!).

When I went up to bed, imagine my surprise when there was a little white unicorn soft toy belonging to my daughter by my bedroom door! She’d never put it there before. I put it on the side and went to bed.

The following morning the first thing my daughter said to me was “Where’s the pony I left for you”?! All her conscious mind knew was that she’d left the gift for me, however, on a subconscious level she’d been drawn to leave that little white unicorn for that little girl’s Soul!

I felt blessed that the little girl had been helped over to the other side to be reunited with her Mother.

Yes, there are Ghosts living amongst us and things that can go bump in the night, but do we really need to be afraid?

Happy Halloween!

Louise Francis

1. Seeing Number Sequences

If you are frequently seeing repeating number sequences, such as 11:11, 111, 444, 555, 16:16 etc., this is a sure sign that your Soul is trying to get your attention. These numbers have meaning. In fact Numerology, along with Sacred Geometry, are inherently connected with the matrix and energetic coding of life on Earth and throughout the Universe.

11, 11:11 and 111 are wake up calls to your Soul to remind you that you are a powerful creator of your reality and able to manifest rapidly. They ask you to pay attention to what you are currently creating and the choices you are making. They prompt you to step into the Light and use the power of positivity in all you do to create what you do want in your life. They are also a strong reminder to use your authenticity and bring your focus to your Soul’s calling. What lights you up? What are you passionate about? What brings you joy?

Which numbers are you seeing? You can look up the meanings of numbers, through information online, in books or via apps, for example “Angel Numbers 101”. Start noticing the messages behind these numbers and follow their advice. Overtime these will start to bring a deeper meaning to you and you will find they help you for your highest good.

2. Noticing Signs

Your Soul is always whispering to you and trying to get your attention. The trouble is you may be too busy or distracted to take the time to notice. When you start to regularly notice signs, your Soul is awakening you to the messages behind them and is ready to discover more.

It may be a conversation you overhear that has meaning to you, or song lyrics you hear on the radio. It may be a shop sign, a cloud in the sky, a road name, or even writing on some packaging – there are many ways to send you a message. At these times, tune into what that sign means to you. What is the message your Soul wants you to know?

What signs are you receiving? Start to pay attention to the signs and your Soul will pass on even more messages in this way to help you.

3. Having Premonitions

Have you started to have premonitions? For example, knowing that someone is about to call before they do, or what someone is about to say before they say it. You may have received a letter and known what it is about before you open it. Have you had a feeling that something was about to go wrong before it did? You may even have felt prompted to contact someone, to then find out that they needed your help, or something bad had happened to them, or that they were thinking of you and about to call you.

Premonitions can come in any life area, from your health, career, family or finances, or that of a friend or family member. It is often those we care most about and are energetically linked to that we have these feelings about.

For some their premonitions come in their dream time and can foretell of world events.

Having premonitions is a sign that you are energetically connected to others, and in fact all of life, and are awakening to your Soul connections and innate ability to “know” what is unfolding. After all there is no linear time in Spirit!

4. Synchronicity

Do you find that you are being drawn to the right person, place or information at the right time? What was once thought of as coincidence is happening on a far more regular occurrence and is actually Divine timing.

Once you set your intentions of what you want to create for yourself, your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and other Heavenly beings will set about events to bring to you that which you need on your path.

Hence, you may be sitting in the doctors waiting room, when the person next to you drops something under your chair which you retrieve for them. You get talking and then discover they happen to offer the very service you currently require. It is not coincidence who you end up sitting next to or get talking to!

Once your Soul is ready, particularly when you start exploring your Spiritual side, synchronicity happens with all the more regularity and sometimes in the most bizarre ways. Allow yourself to be open to synchronicity and follow where it leads you to get into the full flow of this powerful and exciting phenomenon that will nudge you along your path.

5. Instant karma

Yes, things are speeding up on Earth, as well as your Soul vibration, and we are dealing with our karma much quicker than before, so do look out for instant karma!

You have free will and choice when you are incarnated on Earth and every choice you make has an energetic consequence. The energy of your choice is the energy you will receive back.

So when you have got really angry with your partner, and then find yourself in a traffic jam going to work, which also really riles you, know that you have attracted that through the choice you just made!

It can happen so quickly that you could say something judgmental and hurtful about someone and straight after fall over and hurt yourself.

You have the opportunity to release your negative karma and raise your consciousness. Notice the energy behind the choices you are making. How are you choosing to act and react? What are you creating now … because that is what will come back to you in the very near future – and possibly instantly!

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