Have you ever had trouble 'finding your voice?' Or do know you have something to say or some way to express yourself, but just feel blocked and unable to get it out? Or maybe you've stood up in front of people and felt shaky and scared out of your mind, instead of confident and strong.

I'm Stacie, and I work with clients who are ready to be empowered in their expression.

13 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2021

Practitioner Reviews

Spiritual Healing
$80 USD
healing session
Energetic Field Scan with Stacie

These scans are great for when you have something 'unidentifiable' going on. Maybe you feel stuck, unable to move forwards, or have a physical ailment or complaint that has left the doctors stumped (perhaps you've felt for awhile it's energetic?).

Together we will scan your energy field, focusing in on 1 or 2 major areas that arise. We then use a combination of Deep Coaching and Energy Medicine, to discover what's contributing to your particular issues or blocks.

Before our session, I will send you some questions to fill out and return, and I will do a preliminary field scan based on these. This informs and supports our session, but we will always follow your lead, as you are the one with the most information about your own body and field. I can See and Sense blocks and disruptions in your field, but I don't have the layered info to know what's causing them. Only You do! My job is to hold, guide, support you in discovering what's under the surface. And when you feel ready for release, I hold your hand.

These sessions are online, using zoom. We will always meet on video to say hi and check in, and after that, you have the option whether you want cameras on or off. I usually suggest off so you can lay down, get comfy, and focus on you. But sometimes clients feel it's more supportive with cameras on, so either is welcome!

After the session, I recommend some quiet time, and lots of water. And you may feel some subtle (or not so) shifts for a couple days. I'm always available for follow-up questions, and can offer ongoing support with coaching, healing, or a combo of both.

I look forward to meeting you. Please feel free to contact me with questions - I'm friendly and won't bite ;)

Stacie Whitney
Career Coaching
$80 USD
coaching session
Emergence Session with Stacie

Imagine feeling truly listened to. Not to just your words, but to the energy and intention underneath your words. To what your soul wants to communicate in this world. This is the type of communication we will have together. Where talking is a form of communion with your inner being, and becomes a healing modality.

This is a straight up combo of Deep Transformational Coaching & Energy Medicine.
You might come in with an agenda or idea of what you want or where you want to go, and this will certainly inform our session. But I will ask you to release any pre-determined path or ideas of how to 'get' there. This is the only way to co-create a Shift in Being - by releasing agendas, and allowing for what truly wants to Emerge.

Can you sense the bigness and potential within you?!?

These sessions are great when you have an issue or topic you want the space to explore in a sacredly held container.

Perhaps you've had a spiritual awakening of sorts and want to stay connected to this expansive feeling. Or you have an experience, relationship, or drama in your life that you feel needs a new, broader lens. Maybe you're stuck in indecision or the inability to move forwards in life. These sessions are a first class ticket to your personal growth and expansion. You are held in a co-creative, permissive space, which allows for the unconditional love and acceptance of Your Essence.

We will meet on zoom and you will have the option of having cameras on or off - whichever you feel most comfortable with. Sessions take about an hour, and are a combo of talking and energy work. I will, by distance, hold/activate/clear certain energy points in your field, when needed. I will always explain what I'm doing, and invite you to hold them as well, on occasion. It's an interactive, yet usually deeply relaxing experience.

It is my deep honour to hold you in this way. I'm so excited to meet You.

Stacie Whitney

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