I am an artist in the healing arts. The mediums I use: self care, massage, nutrition, and Jiujitsu. I help uplift humanity by empowering self mastery. I am a Punk, massage therapist, life coach, Jiujitsu artist, foodie and tattoo collector – here to show you what your health can look like, what connection can feel like, and how to sustain your glow as you flow with earth’s mystery school.

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Spiritual Healing
$900 USD
healing session

Gloetry is a study that describes the depths of our feeling, expression, and ideas with your style, language and flow that is particular to you by way of the spiritual mind-body connection. The spirituality of science has never left us but some how it has become dismissed in mainstream culture. When we are challenged with mental health we go seek out a psychiatrist or therapist sometimes without blinking an eye to consider our physical health and spiritual health. Other times we seek out psychic mediums, our church, or our community without looking within at our own intuition, habits, thoughts, and exercises. And when we are searching for the reasons why we experience pain, disease, and illness, we reach out to our medical professionals in hopes to find the all cure for our ailments.

This program is curated to enhance your intuition to coach and guide you through your spiritual mind-body experience here on earth’s mystery school. The package includes 8 one on one sessions with text support, The 7 Phases of Glow – The 7 Phases of Glow breaks down the spiritual body to trace our mental and physical health; guided visualization and affirmations; help you establish daily rituals tailored specifically for you, and give you self massage techniques to relax and restore your nervous system for optimal function to attune you to your mission, goals, and flow state frequency.

Savon Nikolic
Career Coaching
$900 USD
Glow Medicine

Glow Medicine is a remedy that transforms the way that we receive nourishment. It is the way in which we alchemize our relationship with food, exercise, and community to become sustainable and supportive to our natural flow state. We are bombarded with so much information about health, food, what we should eat and what we shouldn’t eat, how we should exercise and when we should exercise, and when to trust our intuition and when not to, without consciously observing how that very thing, food, exercise, and community, influences our spirituality, our emotions, and physical health.

This program helps you clear up information that doesn’t resonate with you with confidence to adjust and explore what your body needs and wants. You will receive 8 one on one coaching sessions that are not limited to text support, nutrition assistance, and guided visualization and affirmation to attune you inward to your individual frequency. Together we tackle any diet myths or mindsets that may be setting you back from optimal health and wellness, create limitless beliefs around food and health to help set you free from the world of dieting; I will help you dissolve habits that do not support your growth or mission; and it will guide you closer to your inner wisdom to draw you into your organic flow state, healthy habits, and food as your medicine to glow into who you truly are.

Savon Nikolic
Spiritual Healing
$400 USD

Welcome to Novas Enad, the self care haven. In this haven we are gathered to unearth your self care essentials. Self care is the art of intentional preservation and pruning of your individual health and well-being.
If you will, imagine yourself as the artist on earths canvas what would you paint? How would you care for you spiritual mindbody?

In this program we will look at your self care. We will isolate where you spend your energy and time to measure what your purpose, unveil your mission, and your values. This program includes x4 one on one bi-weekly phone calls, text support in between those calls; mindset support, journaled progress assessments, cultivating self care practices, and guided relaxation.

This is for you if you need your self care fine tuned. This is for you if you are recovering from self doubt, feeling lost, you’re too patient, or you’re not where you want to be in your life. This is for you if you’re rehabbing from being a perfectionist, hard on yourself, addiction, or heartbreak. This is for you if you’re ready to surrender to your intuition and trust your spiritual mindbody to heal itself.

Savon Nikolic

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