my name is Anton Rodriguez i am the owner of beings of light organisation for spiritual teaching reiki services , unication and group community which is coming to our website soon. i am a spiritual ability master and angel reiki master with level 1-4 experience. i have many services for distant healings, item and home enchantments readings , manifestations and much more

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Kathy Moffatt
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Life Coaching
Wellness Coaching
Equine-assisted therapy

Kathy Moffatt is a certified Equine Experiential Learning Coach and facilitator. She works with The Horses energetic field to facilitate people to connect to their emotions and authentic selves. Equine experiential learning is a somatic experience. It helps people to get into their bodies where stuck emotions and our true selves lie. She works with her clients one on one and also hosts workshops and retreats.
Her retreats she partners with other energy healers and creatives to curate transformative experiences.

Erica Turner
Hyde Park, Chicago, IL, USA
Ancestral Healing
Spiritual Coaching
Swedish Massage

Coach and Reverend, Erica received her diploma and license in Clinical Massage Therapy in 2018 from Brightwood College in Hammond, IN. She has also received certifications in Traditional Usui Reiki, levels 1, 2, and 3 ART/Teacher. She has then advanced to Egyptian (Kemetic) Reiki which is a more intense, ancient version of energy healing called Sekhem, meaning, "The Power of Powers" it is the original energy healing system from which Dr. Mikao Usui had obtain some of his research when he discovered Reiki and began teaching his own system to his students. Coach Rev. Erica also has her Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysical Science in conjunction with Ordained Metaphysical Ministers license/certification, hence "Reverend", Ordained by the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM) and Ceritified by the University of Metaphysics, Coach Rev. Erica is a Metaphysical Minister & Metaphysician and is currently working on her Master's and Doctorate/Phd in Metaphysical Science to expand her practice and knowledge through the University of Sedona. Coach Rev. Erica is also a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, through the online school Transformation Academy. To many of her peers and team, Coach Reverend Erica is known by a few other healing names such as The Healing Goddess, Medicine Woman, Medicine Mother or Dr. Erykah Mende and Yoko Imamu Abena, meaning "Child of the Sun is a Spiritual Leader born on Tuesday". Coach Rev. Erica connects with her roots and includes many healing techniques that were practiced by her ancestors. Coach Rev. Erica believes we should all reconnect with our roots as that is where she also believes true healing can begin and occur. She helps us heal literally in a physical way, spiritual, mental and emotional way, in all aspects of our entire being. She does this through helping those on a spiritual journey through spiritual life coaching, which helps get to the root of the issue and help you overcome those bumps in the road. She also heals by offering meditation and breathwork sessions, if you don't know how to meditate she will teach you. She heals through Sound and frequency by playing crystal sound bowls, she heals by using energy work such as Reiki+Sekhem, as well as Massage Therapy, Coach Rev Erica also will help you heal from the inside out by also guiding you through nutrition and diet with learning how to eat better and heal better with herbs. By working with Coach Erica you will come out with better mindset and attitude about your own wellbeing and life in general. Coach Erica teaches classes in Reiki with all levels, Meditation Dynamics and Metaphysics.

Alex Edgar
New York, NY, USA
Distance Healing
Spiritual Healing
Psychic Reading
Soul Retrieval

Alex has been working in energy healing since 1998. Her practice draws on her training and experience in Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Herbalism, Naturopathy, Therapeutic Massage, Crisis Counselling, Tui Na, Life Alignment, and Home Alignment. She has also completed a course in soul care for families and individuals who are moving through the end of life stage, and a course in African Shamanic healing (Zanemvula). However, the primary heart of her online practice is intuition and sensing. Over time, intuitive energy readings are also becoming part of her practice - the heart of these readings remains the theme of healing and personal growth. She offers courses in Reiki, Life Alignment and ongoing learning around the field of healing and has also studied in detail, the use of tissue salts. flower essences and working with animal guides. She continues to learn and is currently studying towards a second degree in psychology through the University of South Africa.

Charlotte Coltman
Salisbury, UK
Angel Healing
Spiritual Coaching
Spiritual Healing
Crystal healing

Charlotte offers angelic reiki healing, spiritual mentoring and crystal readings. In addition, she also offers carefully selected crystals for sale to her clients. Charlotte also writes a weekly blog. Her company is Community Retreats based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK
Charlotte is insured as an energy healer (violet flame), spiritual mentor, meditation facilitator and angelic reiki practitioner.

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