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Marcus Lindow
Hamburg, Germany
Emotional Stress Release
Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Medicine)
Ketogenic Diet
VR Therapy

My name is Marcus Lindow. I'm incredibly passionate about health and wellness, and I've spent years helping people live their best lives. My experience has taught me a great deal about the human body and mind, and I'm eager to share that knowledge with all of you.

Before beginning my work as a health blogger, I held a variety of jobs in the health and wellness industry. Through those experiences, I've seen firsthand the importance of taking care of both your body and mind. Now, I want to use that knowledge to help others do the same.
On Core Spirit, I write about a wide range of topics related to health and wellness. From healthy eating to exercise to mental and spiritual well-being, I cover it all. I'm committed to sharing practical and valuable insights that can help people achieve their health and wellness goals.

In addition to blogging, I work in another job where I assist people in improving their health. I've had the privilege of helping many people feel better over the years, and it's something that I'm incredibly passionate about. This job has shown me the challenges people face when trying to stay healthy, and it's why I'm so dedicated to writing about health and wellness on Core Spirit.

As a health blogger on Core Spirit, my goal is to inspire and motivate readers to make positive changes in their lives. I'm dedicated to creating a community of like-minded individuals who share my passion for health and wellness. Together, we can all live our best lives and be happier and healthier for it.

Thomas Piperis
Athens, Greece
Emotional Freedom Technique
Life Coaching
Career Coaching
Business Ethics

Thomas A. Piperis, MBA, MEng., Certified (AC) Performance & Career Coach, has a 22 year experience in the field of communications, research, technology foresight and marketing.
He studied Computer Science with specialization in Biomedicine and Biomedical Engineering
, followed by an MBA in Communication from the City of London, UK** and an EU certification for Licenced Systemic Coaching (AC, UK). He has attended numerous specialist courses on personal growth, stress management, self-hypnosis, personal development, cognitive models of therapy, performance, life and change coaching.
**Since 2000 he has helped hundreds re-orientate their career in the face of economic crisis or health chalenges.
Drawing from his life and work in 7 different counties across continents, Thomas distills his personal and business growth experiences from a Corporate insider's standpoint. **
A few years ago, Thomas was diagnosed with stage III Brain Cancer and started fighting the mother of all Battles. Today he is strong as ever and coaches and mentors people who need clarity and motivation to move on with their life and career, no matter their circumstances. **
He is founder and lead instructor of DDST - coaching practice, the first of its kind in all of the EU to build a knowledge base and systemic tools of coaching upon Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
He is a husband, a father, a brother and a simple person who gains fulfillment from watching individuals - and companies, gain momentum and break walls and disrupt conventional thinking in the way to success, in life and business.
He writes on Medium and Linkedin, and he is recognized as a thought leader with many published articles and a 16.000 strong base of followers and supporters on and off-line.

My moto in life is: "What Brought You Here, Won't Take You There". I live by this and walk my talk as best I can!

Andrew W. Rubia
Nairobi, Kenya
Cognitive-behavioral therapy

I studied in Daystar University in Nairobi Kenya and received a degree in communication in November of 2020. During my time there I did 3 electives in psychology and attended a peer counselor training where I received a certificate. I have been dealing with my own severe depression for 4 years now and I have been sharing my journey from the numeros counseling and therapy sessions I have had. I share about faith and methods to work and live better.

Positive Psychology
Social Psychology

Prof. Aslı Göncü-Köse graduated from the Department of Psychology at Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2004. She also completed the Management Studies Minor program at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at METU. She completed her education in Koç University Institute of Social Sciences Industrial and Organizational Psychology master's program with a scholarship in 2006. Continuing her PhD program in Social Psychology at METU Social Sciences Institute in 2006, Prof. Aslı Göncü-Köse took courses in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology doctorate program as a scholarship doctoral exchange student at the University of South Florida in the USA between 2008-2009 and worked as a teaching assistant at this university in the spring semester. Based on her master's thesis, her article titled “Effects of Paternalistic and Transformational Leadership on Follower Outcomes”, co-written with Prof. Zeynep Aycan and Prof. Russell E. Johnson, won the “Best Student Paper" award at the International Academy of Management and Business 2009 Fall Conference. She completed her doctoral education in 2011 and completed her doctoral thesis titled "Leader Group Prototypicality and Followers' Identification: Predictors, Mediating Processes and Follower Outcomes - Leader-Group Similarity and Follower Identification Processes: Reflections on Mediator Processes and Followers" in Middle East Technical University Social The Institute of Sciences which received two separate awards, namely the 2010-2011 Education Year Psychology Doctoral Program Best Thesis Award and the METU Faculty of Arts and Sciences 2012 Doctoral Thesis of the Year Kalbiye Tansel Publication Award. In July 2011, she was among the academicians who completed the establishment of the Department of Psychology at Çankaya University and became the Founding Head of the Department of Psychology. She received her Associate Professor degree in Social Psychology from the Interuniversity Board in October 2015, and the title of tenure-track Professor in March 2023. Between February 2017 and December 2017, she served as the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Çankaya University and is currently the Head of the Psychology Department and the Director of the Çankaya University Women's Studies Research and Application Center (KADUM). Prof. Aslı Göncü-Köse's published one book, international and national book chapters, articles in international and national scientific journals, and she has numerous invited guests at international and national congresses and conferences, and many scientific researches presented orally and as posters in international and national congresses and conferences. Her main research areas are leadership, follower motivations and attribution processes that are effective in leadership processes, abusive supervision, workplace mistreatment, family and social factors that predict the Dark Triad personality traits, and the reflections of these personality traits on behaviors in interpersonal relations, work life and political preferences.

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