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Rianna Yafai
United Kingdom
Educational Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Child Psychology

A Ph.D Researcher in moral philosophy with a specialisation in virtue ethics and character development. Passionate about exploring the intersection of philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and education to create a more resilient society.

My research delves into the crucial area of shaping character during childhood and aims to uncover the key foundations for attaining wisdom in later life.

Shola Sodiya
United Kingdom
Developmental Psychology
Emotional Stress Release
Family Psychology
Social Psychology
Career Coaching

I have acheived an undergraduate degree in Counselling and Psychology along with a Coaching NPL in Personal Development. I undertake sessions with clients in a counselling and advisory support role. I have acheived creating core practices in working with young and adult groups provinding supportive measures in learning new skills and being creative within their own mindsets.

Adam, the Diabetic Cyborg
Longview, TX, USA
Life Coaching
Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Muslim, Chronic Lyme Survivor, Optimist, History/Poli. Sci. Prof. w/ no class, and hopefully a giver of hope.

Joe Simonetta
Sarasota, FL, USA
Humanistic therapy
Sustainability Coaching

Joseph R. Simonetta holds a Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School, a Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado, and a B.S. in Business Logistics from Penn State University.

He has had rich experiences in numerous fields.

See his bio at his website.

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