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Hello! I am Dr. Lott. I am a New York State Licensed Doctor and Diplomate of Acupuncture. Are you seeking relief from debilitating pain or a chronic illness? Want to improve your body’s functioning and attain your optimal functioning? Acupuncture treatments have proven itself as a safe, effective treatment for a range of ailments. We treat a variety of ailments from chronic to autoimmune.

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1 min.
Aug 30 2020
Acupuncture for Insomnia

Hello everyone! Now insomnia is seen as the inability to experience normal sleep. It’s a disorder that has several presentations including trouble falling asleep, waking up several times throughout the night with an inability to return to sleep, a restles…

Dr. Lott
1 min.
Aug 21 2020
Headache As A Coronavirus Symptom: Acupuncture

I’d like to discuss headache as one of the CDC’s 11 symptoms of the coronavirus. The classic definition of a headache is a painful sensation in any part of the head, ranging from sharp to dull that can accompany other symptoms. Headache has been determine…

Dr. Lott
2 min.
Aug 9 2020
Fatigue as a Coronavirus Symptom

Fatigue is one of the CDC’s 11 symptoms of the coronavirus. Now many individuals have or will have experienced the coronavirus as a short-term illness. During the period of infection, the body tends to feel fatigued as your immune system is busy combattin…

Dr. Lott
2 min.
Aug 3 2020
The Large Intestine in Acupuncture

Hello everyone, I’m Doctor Lott your host and educator from Acupuncture is my Life. I’d like to say welcome back, and today I plan to talk about the functions of the large intestine meridian when it comes to Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. As I’d stated…

Dr. Lott
1 min.
Jul 30 2020
Shortness of Breath as a Coronavirus Symptom: Acupuncture

A symptom such as shortness of breath under many circumstances requires hospitalization. An example of when it may not, is if it’s a symptom of anxiety as a result of a mental disorder, or as a result of exercise or walking up a flight or flights of stair…

Dr. Lott
2 min.
Jul 26 2020
Loss of Smell and Taste

With the pandemic occurring, I have received questions regarding 2 of the CDC’s 11 symptoms of the coronavirus. These symptoms are both losses of taste and loss of smell. I’ve received an overwhelming amount of chat requests from individuals interested in…

Dr. Lott
2 min.
Jul 16 2020
Bipolar Disorder in Acupuncture

Hi everyone! I’m Dr. Lott, your host and educator from Acupuncture is my Life. Now today I’d like to talk about an interesting case which presented at my office today. A patient presented themselves as diagnosed with Manic Depressive Psychosis.

Now for t…

Dr. Lott
2 min.
Jun 21 2020
The Lungs in Acupuncture

I plan to discuss the functions of the main 12 Acupuncture meridians within the body. The primary purpose of the 12 meridians is to regulate the flow of qi and blood throughout the body. The body’s meridians serve as main pathways that transport Qi or Chi…

Dr. Lott
2 min.
Jul 7 2020
The Heart in Acupuncture

Hello everyone, I’m Doctor Lott I’m your educator from Acupuncture is my Life. Today I’d like to discuss the functions of the heart in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

The heart is considered the most important of all the internal organs. Sometimes it i…

Dr. Lott

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