Theresa Kahn-O'Doherty

Facilitation that Empowers, Inspires and Assists you in your Expansion! On a personal level I derive a great deal of fulfilment and satisfaction from the work that I do with cients in helping them along their journey; facilitating their expansion, leaving them empowered, inspired and with invaluable tools to take with them. A Personal Development Plan is emailed after each session!
Practitioner Services
All services provided can be via: face-to-face, Skype/Zoom Webcam, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Telephone. Please take note: During Lockdown there are no face-to-face services, however all services on offer can be provide on all other devices mentioned, including Reiki Healing and Training.
Keep your spirits high by finding ways to be cheerful, even during this great global shift and the major global pandemic that precipitated this. If you can find reasons to be cheerful and put your attention and intention on it, you will find energetically