Marina Beech

My name is Marina Beech, and I am an Akashic Record Channel, Teacher and Intuitive. Over the last two years, I have worked with over 150 clients. Each requiring unique guidance. With my vast knowledge of soul alchemy, I am able to use my spiritual toolbox to personalise the readings at every level. This ensures that clients receive only the most appropriate and personal reading.
Practitioner Services
Cheshire, UK
| Discover your personal journey | “Marina is a natural intuitive reader, who speaks in everyday language. She makes it meaningful for you in your day to day life, rather than somewhat removed. I would highly recommend her, if you are looking for spiritual insight, understanding or guidance. You won’t be disappointed.” -Jackie Freer | Karmic Tarot – as unique as you are | Karmic Tarot is a uniquely powerful reading. It provides clients with the insight and intuition needed to summon and inspire change in their lives. It motivates each individual to make changes in their life which will bring positivity and light. Over thirty years ago, I used Tarot to develop my own intuitive skill. It is an incredibly powerful and fulfilling experience. The Tarot guidance I offer in this reading is quite unique. It combines Akashic Record research with pendulum healing and activation. Not only will you receive insight on what your year ahead will look like, I remove any Karmic blocks and negative energies, that present themselves within the reading. | What is involved? | This one hour reading can be based around any questions, fears or hopes you may have concerning the year ahead. Each reading is utterly unique, and led by what our guides feel is best for you. Initially, we will discuss what you want to get from your reading, and the potential areas of your life you would like to change. After choosing the cards, we will look at the year ahead together, to see what energies and spiritual lessons are being shown. Then, we will review how each card relates to your present circumstances. Once I have an idea of what your cards are, I find any Karmic blocks which will be likely to hinder you in realising your true potential. Karmic blocks are the root cause of our negative behaviour patterns, and we find them hard to move. They can effect all manner of areas, including our relationships, finances and health. When I am able to grasp your Karmic blocks, I clear them from your Akashic Record, and activate a new, positive energy to guide and enrich you throughout the coming year. This could be confidence, courage, motivation or forgiveness. Like all of my services, the reading will be tailored to address the outcome which will summon the biggest change. “Before my reading, I was feeling a little unsettled about my journey. The reading was a wonderful, enlightening experience. I felt thoroughly refreshed and my mind was clearer on my journey and the paths I need to follow. I would recommend Marina as her knowledge and passion for this is paramount. Totally professional and made the whole experience wonderful. It gave me lots to think about, and Marina was on hand to advise me further.” - Victoria Jayne Allman | Here to support you | To complete this guidance and clearing session, you also receive: • A tailored Akashic Record clearing that is activated at the end of the session. • Call recording, summary notes and photos also emailed after the session. • Access to my private Facebook Soul Awakening Akashic & Tarot group. | Booking and Contact | I am here to discuss all queries and questions with clients, prior to booking. I understand that new clients may need further support and guidance, so feel free to contact me to discuss your journey further.
| Is Soul Realignment for you? | • You have reached a point in your life where you feel you don't have a sense of purpose any more. • You are not sure what direction to go in, or just feel blocked. • Perhaps you feel you have a lack of energy, no motivation and just feel stuck. • You are experiencing 'groundhog day,' where your life seems to be on a negative repeat cycle. • You cannot move past emotional trauma. | About the journey | During this reading, we will discover more about who you are and how your soul wishes to work. Now we are ready to look at your Karmic Blocks. As most of us have lived more than one lifetime, we hold Karmic baggage which we are still carrying in our energy. It is this baggage that effects our life in so many ways - emotionally, mentally and physically. We create Karmic Blocks by making choices which do not fit, or align, with who we really are at soul level. Thus, this reading is one of two halves. Karmic Blocks can be recognised as repeat behaviour patterns or beliefs, which we just cannot see or conquer, no matter what we do. These may include: continually attracting similar types of relationships and people into our lives; generally feeling low; having no energy or motivation, or lacking passion to realise your life’s vision. On average, we will look at your past three lifetimes in one session. We will also discuss how they relate to your life today, and then we will energetically clear them out. Your part in this work (if you want to experience positive change) is to be willing to take new action, and make new choices that are more aligned with your soul. | How you will feel after a Soul Realignment session? | • Confident, motivated, clear • Lighter, healthier, more aware • In-flow, passionate, peaceful • Free, self-assured, unafraid • Happy, loved, released, daring • Understood, worthy, abundant | More than just a reading | To complete this uplifting healing session, you will also receive: • A tailored Akashic Record Karmic block clearing, which is activated at the end of the call. • A 21-day specific Akashic Record block clearing invocation created for you to read at home. • A chakra healing document to be kept and used after the session. • Access to my private Soul Awakening – Akashic & Tarot Facebook group, where you can receive additional healing from me, and invaluable insight and support from my wonderful community. | Let’s start your soul journey, today | A Soul Realignment Profile Reading is the starting point of our spiritual journey. Once we know who you are on soul level, we can then move forward. Be ready for clarity and guidance, as you will learn about your soul gifts and talents, and how you can use them to master your new future. Together, we will ensure that the choices connected to the past do not determine the choices of your future. Please feel free to contact me for further information.
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