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Hi! I'm certified Hypnotherapist & life coach. I rewire your subconscious by transcending your limiting beliefs, changing your behavioral patterns, replenishing your energy resources to set foundation for Wealth, Health and Joyful Life I help you objectively and subjectively achieve what is conventionally considered, by the majority a successful life Fell free to contact me for online session
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Lunita Rd, Malibu, CA 90265, USA
During the course of 4 weeks I will help your subconscious mind change and rewire neural pathways that lead to success. From years of working with clients, and watching their amazing transformation, this course contains exactly what you need to change. Course Details This course contains combinations of patterns (based on Karl Jung’s teaching of the Hero Path), mingled with hypno-techniques, EMDR therapy and author’s own proprietary system — all focused on releasing unhealed emotional burden, transcending limiting beliefs linked to it, creating new ecological logical sequences seasoned with so needed resources to become creator of your personal life that will set your appetite for a full-scale happy future. During this journey you will recreate yourself from scratch, while setting proper foundation with required attributes for a happy life. This captivating journey does imply and require effort from you and if you’re eager to undertake it – Welcome on board!
Lunita Rd, Malibu, CA 90265, USA
Are you ready to become a better version of yourself? Or maybe: You want to heal an emotional trauma Or get rid of an addiction Want to boost any of your life aspects: social, financial or emotional Choose to change your behavioural patterns to more efficient ones Are ready to shift the boundaries of your ordinariness Are ready to become more successful, more self sufficient and subsequently happier Most of us are living a life looking through a considerably distorted map, that was mainly created by our parents, teachers, peers or other authority figures. That map consists of views, conclusions, reactions, interpreted within the abilities and knowledge that we possessed at the time of their imprint. These bunch of ideas about ourselves, as well as the external world, are embedded in us since our childhood, time when our critical thinking was not yet developed. Regardless the fact that we're passing over the threshold of the conditional age of maturity, our inadequate programs are still influencing our lives, now from a complete different level, leaving us blissfully unaware during any decision making process. The more we become aware of this fact, the more we understand that getting to know ourselves, getting to know our subconscious, becomes an imminent and vital objective that needs to be achieved for us to be able to master our future.  You Always Have a Choice! And I'm here to guide you on your journey of  self healing, as well as shifting the boundaries of your map, in order to transcend to a more successful and higher Self.
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We are all born to become huge, fantastic, immense oak trees. We truly are… but, due to a series of circumstances, only few of us live up to our full potential. The reasons being that we are shaped by the system we’re born in: determined by parents