Born March 21, 1953 in Tehran, Iran, Kambiz Naficy first visited the U.S in 1962, during the Kennedy era, when his father was assigned to a diplomatic mission in Washington D.C. At this junction of his life, Kambiz became fluent in the English language, in addition to his fluency in the French and Farsi languages. As a young boy, he quickly learnt the ways of the West, integrating them with his profound understanding of Persian philosophy and way of life. Years later, having attended an international school in the Middle East, he completed his undergraduate education in the U.S. and moved on to obtain two graduate degrees, one a Harvard-sponsored MBA, and the second, a Masters in International Studies from Columbia University in New York. Kambiz Naficy is a published poet and obtained his third graduate degree, a Masters in Fine Arts (in poetry), from The New School for Social Research also located in New York City. After achieving success on Wall Street, Kambiz Naficy set out on his search for the Eternal Soul which took him to India. During a 15-year expedition to India, Kambiz studied with all of the Grand Masters of meditation and Yoga. Kambiz Naficy was initiated into the 1800-year-old science of Kriya Yoga by Swami Hariharananda who comes from the lineage of Babaji and Paramahansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi). While in India, Kambiz delved deeply into the study of the ancient spiritual texts known as the Vedantas
and found striking parallels between this ancient knowledge of life and the modern science of quantum physics. Kambiz became determined to develop techniques and teachings to help heal, cleanse, and purify the human psyche and soul through a perfect integration of ancient yoga, modern psychology, and the theories of quantum physics. As a Kriya Yoga meditation master, heurrently serves the diverse countries of Sri Lanka, India, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, and the U.S. What sets Kambiz Naficy apart is a combination of his very deep and calming voice, his strong stage presence, his immense patience and empathy giving him the power of human understanding across cultures and across geographic boundaries. Master Kambiz Naficy is a modern, well-educated man who easily integrates the Western sciences of psychology and spiritual quantum physics with the ancient Vedic scriptures as well as the Persian poetry of Rumi and Hafez. He uses all of these immense and innate resources to do deep and quick cleansing of the human psyche, emotions, and Soul. Thus far, thousands of students from all walks of life and from three continents have witnessed magnificent transformations in their lives after coming into loving contact with Kriya Master Kambiz Naficy. Master Naficy is married and lives with his wife partly in the West and partly in Asia. Experience Master Naficy created The Joy of Life Organization in 2001 and now leads the organization with several dozen assistants around the globe. Master Naficy has been conducting Kriya Yoga meditation, personal transformation, and personal coaching programs for the past 25 years on three continents. Occasionally, he collaborates with well-known holistic and Yoga meditation centers in the West. You can view a picture gallery of Kambiz Naficy’s various retreats and workshops by visiting: You can also visit the following link on Joy of Life’s main website: to view video testimonials of Master Naficy’s work: Interviews and Publications Television: YouTube Channel:
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Your subconscious mind controls 85% of your life! When you were a child and teenager, you may have inherited some limiting, negative beliefs and habits from your family, teachers, and friends. Now a few negative, self-limiting beliefs and fears may be holding you back in life. Kambiz Naficy's "Coming Full Circle" online course is teaches you how to talk to your subconscious and how to release any negativity and fears that you may not be aware of.
He still looks a little like the banker he used to be, but the Persian meditation and poet, Kambiz Naficy, no longer dresses like one. His embroidered Sufi outfit is comfortable, ideal wear for his Kriya Yoga sessions. His voice has an almost hypnotic quality, the perfect complement to his air of unshakable calm.Th...
Are you Tuned into the Right Frequency? The universe is made up of energy, and the language of energy is waves and frequencies. Scientists have detected that at every dimension of life, including the human body, subtle energy layers are vibrating beneath the visible world of matter.Yoga describes six energy layers w...