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Spiritual Mind Center is founded by Metaphysical Master & renowned Deep Trance Channel to Bahlon™ a wise high-vibration entity from the Astral Plane. Sought-after by celebrities, CEOs, moms & Buddhist monks, they offer private or group healings—from anywhere in the world. They will help you overcome any challenge imaginable: money, stress or even love. No issue is ever too big or small.

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Sevda Çelik
Spiritual Healing

I'm highly interested in spiriuality and personal development.

Lorraine Cucci
Pleasant Valley, NY 12569, USA
Spiritual Healing
Medical intuition

Lorraine E. Cucci is an RN, Certified Reflexologist, Usui Reiki Master practitoner/teacher, Medical Intuitive and Integrative Healthcare and Energy practitioner. As a nurse for almost 40 years, Lorraine possesses a broad clinical knowledge that emphasizes her holistic approaches to health and wellness. She performs her energy healing modalities via her business - Healing Path to Health.

Toni of White Dragon Tarot
3103 Waverley Ave, Vancouver, BC V5S 1G1, Canada
Herbal therapy
Spiritual Healing
Tarot Reading

Toni has her diploma in Integrative Therapies and her Certified Tarot Reader Certificate. She is an intuitive tarot reader. Toni is also trained in Integrative Therapies with a strong Herbal Therapy lean. It is her belief that wellness can be achieved with a blend of modalities customized for each person. Toni's book Learn Tarot Today can be found on Amazon.

Susitha Reddy
Emotional Stress Release
Spiritual Coaching
Spiritual Healing
Guided Meditation

I began my journey two decades ago with self-help techniques and then moved towards more spiritual practices of self-discovery and awakening. My meditations aim to move one from the ego mind to the Heart. i also guide people in emotional healing which enables the person to heal past pain and trauma and move to Love. My teachings are based on Advaita ( Non-Duality) and Christian Mystical teachings.