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Spiritual Mind Center is founded by Metaphysical Master & renowned Deep Trance Channel to Bahlon™ a wise high-vibration entity from the Astral Plane. Sought-after by celebrities, CEOs, moms & Buddhist monks, they offer private or group healings—from anywhere in the world. They will help you overcome any challenge imaginable: money, stress or even love. No issue is ever too big or small.

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Christina Novoa, M.Ed.
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Cognitive therapy
Spiritual Healing
Positive Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology

Christina Novoa, M.Ed. is a secondary teacher, writer, and social justice advocate who writes about mental health, personal growth, and social justice

Shante Kumar
Sacramento, CA, USA
Emotional Freedom Technique
Life Coaching
Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
Spiritual Healing
Kundalini yoga

Shante Kumar is an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and a highly sought after transformational coach. She has facilitated workshops, seminars and trainings, with topics ranging from Finding Your Purpose to Money Consciousness & Abundance, throughout the Bay Area.

Shante Kumar began her nursing career graduating with her BSN and RN from the California State University, Sacramento. She immediately started working in stand-alone, in-patient psychiatric hospitals ('stand-alone' meaning they were not associated with, adjacent to, nor located with a medical hospital). During her time in the psychiatric hospitals Shante worked as a Unit Manager for the Child/Adolescent Unit (child= 5-11yo; adolescent 12-17 yo) and on the Adult Care Units (18-70+ yo). She obtained her MBA with a focus in Healthcare Administration that allowed her to gain the position of Nurse Manager. She then elected to work with the State of California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation as a Nurse Consultant for the Mental Health Nursing Division. 

Shante currently holds certifications as a Life Coach, Kundalini Yoga Instructor & EFT Practitioner. She also incorporates ancient healing modalities such as Gong Sound Baths, chakra healing, activations, etc. during patient sessions whenever the need, or request, arises. 

As a Spirituality & Mindset Coach , with over 20 years in psychiatric nursing, Shante's focus on spiritual health as a means to improve our physical, mental and emotional health is unique. She believes that in order to to enjoy increased energy, improved focus, and a greater self-confidence that permeates and improves every aspect of our lives, we must first cultivate a deeper, more intimate connection to Spirit.
New York, NY, USA
Spiritual Healing
Telemental Health

dentist, passionate about self-improvement and inspiration. Sharing insights and experiences on Medium for a journey towards becoming our best selves.

Isaac Oluwaniyi
Spiritual Healing

Isaac Adedolapo Oluwaniyi is currently an Undergrade at Crawford University in Nigeria.

I was once a sickle cell patient but i had faith in God, and he changed my genotype to AA. I am here to encourage you still belive i God because he still does the impossible. I write articles that spreads the goodnwes of the gospel on the digital space because i undersand that Christ is the real flex.

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