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Intuitive / Oracle card reader
Certified Reiki Practitioner
I would love to give you some guidance and feedback regarding any topic!
I am offering a 6mo introductory offer of 35$ per reading.
your reading will be summarized along with the pictures and a brief explanation of the cards pulled even if it is a zoom call. For email readings, the write-up will be detailed.

On Core Spirit since March 25

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Kat Crow
New York, NY, USA
Spiritual Coaching
Human Design
Tarot Reading
Career Counselling
Rune Reading

Kat Crow is an acclaimed spiritual practitioner with a BA from Scripps College and a Masters from UC Santa Cruz. Kat's proficiency in Tarot, oracle decks, Norse Runes, and Human Design readings enables her to guide people through difficult periods of life, particularly during spiritual awakening. Her Human Design readings focus on deconditioning, energy, and chart interpretation.

Melissa Salvador
Kariong NSW 2250, Australia
Ancestral Healing
Tarot Reading

I have studied and worked with Tarot for nearly 25 years now. I use my strong intuitive, clairaudient and claircognizant capabilites and my comprehensive knowledge of tarot symbolism to provide clear and accessible readings that empower my clients. Shadow work and helping people find the clarity they need in order to move forward in their chosen direction is at the core of the work I do.

Julie Ann Guthrie Smulson
Turlock, CA, USA
Medical intuition
Tarot Reading
Music and Sound therapy

Julie is an International best-selling Author, Podcast Host of Spiritual Alchemy Energy and Spiritual Healer. Julie loves to help people to find clarity, new awareness, and perspective in their lives which empowers and inspires them to follow their life purpose. A non-fiction author that writes about her personal spiritual experiences. Her first book dispaly & highlight spiritual awakening.

Saima Murtaza
Ilindenska 335, Tetovë 1200, North Macedonia
Distance Healing
Inner Child Healing
Spiritual Healing

Hello Everyone,
I'm Saima Murtaza, a marketing student. I took up writing as a hobby 6 years ago to cope with the loss of my father. Since then, I've faced challenges and learned the importance of patience and inner peace. I write about wellness, relationships, spirituality, and productivity, sharing my personal experiences to help others.

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