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Our Energy Healing therapies dissolve away anxiety, fear, pain, distressing emotions & beliefs, leaving you feeling increased freedom, self-worth, & inner peace. Hence, it’s easier to attract positivity & love; & to manifest positive change in yourself & in your life. Improved health & spiritual growth too. Award winning, accredited Healer/ Teacher with 24 years’ experience. Online & in person.

On Core Spirit since March 10

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Taskeen Jamal
İstanbul, Turkey
Emotional Freedom Technique
Distance Healing

Hi, I’m Taskeen, I’m a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and I support women to move from chaos to calm!

I've been a practitioner since 2008, when I was first introduced to BodyTalk and felt my whole life and perspective of health change.

I continue advanced studies in BodyTalk and keep my skills updated with other healing modalities so I can support my clients in a variety of ways.

Susitha Reddy
Emotional Stress Release
Spiritual Coaching
Spiritual Healing
Guided Meditation

I began my journey two decades ago with self-help techniques and then moved towards more spiritual practices of self-discovery and awakening. My meditations aim to move one from the ego mind to the Heart. i also guide people in emotional healing which enables the person to heal past pain and trauma and move to Love. My teachings are based on Advaita ( Non-Duality) and Christian Mystical teachings.

PhDr. Mira Reiss Founder of MIRAcles Consultation
Isle of Man
Emotional Freedom Technique
Chinese Astrology
Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
Spiritual Healing

Dr.Reiss received her degree at the Faculty of Philosophy at Comenius University in Bratislava. She continued her study at Slovak Academy of Science, Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, travelled around the world to meet wise masters, mainly from the Dzogchen -Total Perfection lineage. She studies modern sciences of the mind, energy vibration and epigenetics. She says “I’m Mira, we all are MIRAcles.”

Sadie Jackson
Altoona, PA, USA
Oracle Cards Reading
Spiritual Healing
Crystal healing

Hello, my name is Sadie Jackson. I have a bachelor's degree in human services. I worked as a drug and alcohol counselor for 5 years and as a domestic violence counselor/ advocate for one. Now I am currently a partial owner of a metaphysical shop located in Altoona, PA. I offer an array of services to help you heal holistically.