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Providing guidance, clarity, confirmation, affirmation, and spiritual solutions. A Spiritual Consultation incorporates spirituality into each session, providing a safe, virtual atmosphere in which you can openly explore your spiritual journey, experiences you are having, or goals you would like to work toward. During the Spiritual Consultation, I will tune in to your energy (with your permission) and provide you with messages the Universe and your Spiritual Team have for you at that moment. If guided, I will provide you with possible future events that are meant to help you with your transformation and growth. If guided to, I will also provide you with resources that are diffcult to find as I've learned the majority of my spiritual tools, skills, and knowledge from Magic Vibrations Healing School. I will share with you what I received intuitively when I initially connected with you. I also will explain my interpretation of the cards and the meanings associated with them (if I decide to use divination). *If you are looking for a Psychic Tarot Reading style, please go and check out my Spiritual Reading service as they both are similar, but the direct focus is on you (no ex-boyfriend/ girlfriend foolishness or karmic reading). Afterward, I will provide you with spiritual resources, books, tools, methods, and/or any other items I’m guided to use with you. As I have a decent size spiritual library (both physical and digital), I can provide you with things that are either not easy to find or you haven’t heard of. *Disclaimer: This Consultation will not Force you to follow a particular course of action, or attempt to exert any form of control over your free-will and common sense. Any decisions made, or actions taken by you as a result of your Consultation is your sole responsibility and has not been forced upon you, by me. I will not be held legally responsible for the same. It is only with the complete understanding and acceptance of the above that a Consultation can be permitted. Neither can I assume any legal liability for any damages or alleged damages, losses, or other direct or indirect consequences of any client decisions/actions, subsequent to, or based on my Consultation. Your participation in this Consultation is subject to the above terms and understanding, and is solely at your own risk. Please bring a pen or pencil. (You’ll need to write down information as it comes (I mostly likely won’t remember what I said) ).

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I am a certified Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach and a Energy Healer (Reiki Grand Master). At the age of 18, I'd decided to invest in online Spirituality courses that instantly improved my life, healing abilities and psychic channels (5 clairs + Medium and Telepathy). Since then, I’ve been able to successfully give Energy/ Reiki healings and guidance messages that impacted people’s life instantly.
2 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

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