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We all have Intuition but…… we recognize it? Are we using it?

Are we trusting the messages we are receiving?

Intuition is your own personal Inner Guidance or Soul Wisdom that allows you to receive messages, impressions, and information. Intuition allows you to live life from a Higher Realm of Understanding.

This mentorship is for you if are already working with and recognizing your intuition, but:

  • You don't fully trust your Intuition

  • You want to improve your Intuition

  • You want to better distinguish your thoughts from intuition

  • You want to start using your Intuition in daily life to make soul-enlightened decisions

What you receive for 4 Weeks:

  • 1 (one) 30-Minute Intake Session to discuss your Intuition and Goals
  • Unlimited Email, Whatsapp or Telegram
  • Real-time Intuitive Confirmation of your Intuition
  • Real-time Intuitive Guidance
  • Real-time Intuitive Coaching

We start by finding out where you are on your Intuition Journey and what your goals are. Then, we dive in! This will involve reaching out to me when you have an Intuitive hit. You'll receive my Intuitive confirmation or Guidance. We may dig deeper to help you discover more.

You will receive personalized tools to practice tapping into your Intuition.

After learning how to tap into your Intuition more fully:

  • You will feel more trust and confidence in your Intuition

  • You will distinguish between your Thoughts versus Intuition

  • You will create your own Intuition Dictionary

  • You will enjoy increased clarity for your life

  • You will feel empowered and energized

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Hi! I am an Intuition and Energy expert. I read your energy, discover where the disconnects/problems are, and channel the solution in real time as I restructure and transform your energy with new agreements and protections. I help you integrate the changes in your energy field, and teach you tools so you can move forward with ease. I'm a Master Psychic Healer with 17 years experience.

18 years of practice
On Core Spirit since June 2021

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Jyll Hoyrup
Jun 21, 2021

Hi Anastasiia! No, not at all. This is a real-time mentoring. We start with an "intake session" to talk about where you are at with intuition, how you are in tune with it, and what your goals are. Then we work via email or a messaging/voice app and talk in real-time as things come up that you wonder about, want more clarity on. This could include giving you a new way to practice your intuition, questions to ask to take you deeper, etc. This is all intuited and channeled in real time as we work together.

Loya Griff
Jun 21, 2021

I know that my intuition is well developed! Are the lessons like meditations?

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