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Somatic Pilates classes invite you to settle and deepen the connection to the body in the calm atmosphere while balancing out predominantly the functional musculoskeletal system. All the participants receive the audio recording of the class afterwards for their home practice. It also helps in case you could not show up for the class and would like to catch up later. Why is it called Somatic Pilates? Somatic Pilates takes the bodymindsoul integration further! The focus is on the felt sense, to keep checking how and what you are feeling on your body. I bring a little meditative practice each time for each of you to connect to this felt sense. Each of us will stay with our own felt sense during the exercises and will continue to develop ourselves from that place. My intention with the verbal cues is to encourage your inner dialogue while moving in order to heighten the awareness for what would be actually nurturing and beneficial for you at a particular time. The exercises look at the wider world of movement; how animals and humans develop functional psychological movement from the most basic to more complex. All bodies with any abilities are welcome. Some voices from the past classes … <br> * “Extremely relaxing. I learnt how to focus and relax with in-depth body awareness”. * * “I loved the classes – the pace and the balance of very clear instruction with space to explore for yourself. I learnt how I can do Pilates more slowly and in a more contemplative way”. * * “HIGHLY RECOMMEND; I feel physically and mentally regenerated, stretched, focused and energised”. * The classes welcome any bodies that would appreciate movement with attention, to rebalance and restore.

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I am a Somatic practitioner specialised in Dance (MA), Somatic Movement (RSMT), Pilates and Craniosacral Therapy (RCST). Since 2006, I have been working with wide range of unique persons, including pre/postnatal women, the elderly, the injured and people with medical conditions. My intention is to help persons to feel at peace with their own bodymindsoul.
16 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2021

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