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Do you want to lose weight or simply live a healthier life? Do you know what to do, but struggle to do it on your own?

Just like you hire a mechanic to help with maintenance on your vehicle, or a teacher to help you refine certain skills, a nutrtiion coach can help you get - and stay - on track with a healthier body and lifetyle.

Motivation and willpower don't last, so when they fade and you find yourself struggling with the same bad habits over and over, or if you keep dropping your healthy habits whenever "life happens," accountability coaching can help you stay on course!

For a low monthly fee you will receive:

  • Use of a dedicated app - no social media required!
  • A monthly 30-minute coaching call to set your goals
  • Tasks and reminders at a frequency of your choosing
  • Weekly access to your coach for questions and guidance
  • Weekly check-ins and reminders

Wouldn't it be great knowing that someone has your back? Sign up for this valuable service today and establish the consistency and healthy habits that will help you build a body you love living in, and the lifestyle to maintain it!

**Please note:This is a monthly service that needs to be re-booked each month.

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Juli is a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Master Nutrition Coach, and Fitness Coach. In recognition of her work she was knighted into the Hospitaller Order of the Knights of St. Lazarus & the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope. Whether working with clients or inspiring audiences with her blog, newsletter, and podcast, Juli's mission is to help women over 40 feel great in their bodies

20 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

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$75 USD