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For Men: Chronic Pelvic Pain Clarity Call (CPPS)

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If you have been battling with chronic prostatitis or pelvic pain (CPPS), you will likely be in constant pain, 24-hours per day. Symptoms may have started a few weeks, months or even years ago. Some of us have been living with CPPS for decades. It will affect your sleep, your moods and your outlook on life, your horizon of what is possible and what, you believe, you may never reach. It may lead to depression and often angry outbursts onto those around you, which you will promptly regret, adding guilt to your already accumulated tension.

Chronic pelvic pain / chronic prostatitis can be deeply crippling. A simple car journey can mean unsurmountable discomfort. Sitting for a meal can be a challenge. Yet, to the outside world, nothing is visibly wrong with you. And people often forget what they cannot see — the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ syndrome... Many will feel unable to deal with your condition. Like me, you may even find yourself with few or no friends left in your life.

**But there are ways forward. **

**You have so much more power, as an individual, than you probably give yourself credit for. **Namely the power to decide what to do with your body, how to improve your lifestyle and align your life with where you want to go, namely towards a pain-free state. You have come this far, gone through so many hurdles. CPPS is simply another one. Though challenging, misunderstood and at times apparently impossible to overcome, it does not have to be a life sentence!

Life with chronic pain may feel like a long tunnel. It could be months or years until you experience a more permanent relief. Be ready to accept that, but equally ready to do everything in your power to overcome this. Your success will depend on the everyday choices you make, who you surround yourself with and what useful behaviours you manage to implement. Whatever the timescale, these will make life with CPPS bearable and, in time, with patience and perseverance, you can take the leap from surviving to thriving.

For almost 2 years his life was on hold due to chronic pelvic pain and several other inflammatory conditions. Having found his way out, as a holistic health and nutrition coach I support men with CPPS to find their own unique route away from pain and into the lives they want to lead.

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I'll support you to align your food with your happiness and well-being.

I am a holistic health coach, certified by London’s Academy of Healing Nutrition.

My work emerges from my direct experience overcoming burn-out, chronic pain, food intolerances and several other health challenges.

I will coach you on upgrading your habits, mindset and nutrition to live out your life in freedom.

4 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2021

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