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Intuitive Healing Session (Craniosacral Therapy & Reiki)

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As an intuitive healer and I use a blend of CranioSacral Therapy and Reiki. They are both gentle methods of body and energy work. I tap into your inner wisdom to guide the session and work with you to release tension, allowing physical, and emotional pain to exit your body.

Let’s connect with the part of your soul that is already whole, and already healed.

What To Expect

Sessions may be in-person or over the phone. Using headphones or a “speaker” setting is recommended for distance sessions.

You can lay comfortably (fully clothed) as Heathir begins with evaluating the current state of your physical and energetic body to get a baseline. Next, she will begin working with your body so that deep healing can unfold. Creating a space to release and unwind tensions and pain. As the nervous system comes into balance, Heathir will discharge excess energy, pull in vibrancy, and cut away energetic ties. She will close the session by helping you ground and find a calm state of being. All you need to do is rest, notice, and welcome healing to unfold.

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As an intuitive empath, I connect with your inner wisdom to guide each session. If you are ready to break free of feeling overwhelmed and in pain as you tap into your magic and begin to live the life you were meant for than I can’t wait to connect.

I offer intuitive healing sessions &; transformational programs to clients around the world and locally in Los Angeles.

15 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2021

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Heathir Brown
May 14, 2021

It can vary but it usually depends on how long you have had the issue. Long-held patterns may take a few sessions to resolve, acute things may resolve in just one session.
My goal is that you will have results with as few treatments as possible. After your session, I will recommend a treatment plan (if needed) of a package or program.

Amanda Smith
May 14, 2021

Hello! How many times do I have to attend this session to see the result?

Heathir Brown
May 13, 2021

Hi Elizabeth, The techniques I use can balance hormones and reduce the stress in the body. If your skin issues may be caused by these then it could be helpful.

Heathir Brown
May 13, 2021

Hi Jess, this could help with your back. Without knowing your specific problem it's hard for me to say for sure, however it does bring balance to the entire body and release tension and pain.

Aisha Lewis
May 12, 2021

I have skin issues. Can this practice solve them?

Jess Rogers
May 12, 2021

I have some problems with my back. Can your session help me?

$175 USD
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$175 USD