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Hatha Yoga For Lower Back Pain

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This class is suitable for complete beginners to Yoga, people who feel stiffness or muscle weakness and would like to improve flexibility, strength and balance, or those who took a break and would like to come back to their practice once again.

The focus of the class is to help release lower back pain and stiffness in the hips and hamstrings, bring more mobility to the joints, relief stress and tension out of the body and mind. After the class you will be feeling more calm, relaxed and free, with less pain and discomfort.

This class is for you if you lead a stationary lifestyle, sitting on a chair for long hours, experiencing stress from your working environment, dealing with pain in the lower back area.

The class starts with grounding and intention setting to prepare the body and mind for the practice.

It is followed by Sukshma Vyayama - joint exercises to improve the mobility of the joints, release stagnant energy, eliminate toxins and prepare the muscles for asana.

Asana practice includes standing, twisting, bending, balancing, sitting, prone, supine poses, inversions and relaxation to give the body an overall workout.

The sequences completes with final relaxation to absorb all the benefits from the practice.

Many options of the poses are offered throughout the class, so you never have to worry that you may not be able to do something perfectly. Breathing is an essential part of yoga practice and many breathing techniques are incorporated into the class. Mudras, mantras and philosophy are also included as a part of Hatha Yoga practice.

Looking forward to seeing you on you Yoga mat!

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