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Private Nutrition Coaching

coaching session
$350 USD

EXPERIENCE is perfect for you if you're ready to finally stop dieting, you want to lose weight and get fit, and you're willing to invest in your own wellbeing. You'll experience what it's like to make real, lasting change, feel good about your body, and live a life you love.

No special diets. No miracle supplements.

Private coaching is ideal for those who want a highly personalized coaching experience. We work closely together to help you reach your health and weight goals. Our private coaching programs are designed and customized based on your specific needs.

You’ll learn how to develop the mindset that will help you reach and maintain your goals, whether you want to lose, gain, or maintain a healthy weight, reduce body fat, improve fitness, or simply live a healthier lifestyle. With private coaching you’ll enjoy an individually tailored approach, with plenty of guidance and accountability throughout the process, flexibility that fits your lifestyle, and regular interaction with your coach.

The great thing about our Habit-Based approach is that you don’t ever have to be “perfect” with what you do. When you learn how to have a better relationship with your body as well as with food, you’ll understand how your favourite foods and drinks can have a place in your healthy lifestyle.

You'll learn to enjoy being more active, your body will feel better, and a side benefit is that you'll age much more gracefully! At 57, I feel better than I did when I was much younger, simply because I learned how to ditch my "All or Nothing" way of thinking.

When you finally stop dieting, slow down, and take smaller steps, you'll reach your goals much more quickly!

In order to gain the most benefit, a 3 month minimum commitment is strongly recommended. The price quoted is for ONE month of coaching.

Your wellbeing is my primary concern!

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