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30-minute discovery session

$10 USD

Would you like to:

  • Free yourself from chronic dieting forever?
  • Develop a healthier body image and feel more confident?
  • Make peace with those foods you’ve labelled off-limits?
  • Enjoy any food without the fear of losing control.
  • Connect with your body through joyful movement.

If yes, fill just connect with me on CORESPIRIT

I’ll be in touch with you within 48 hours. I’ll send you a link to my calendar for your free discover session.

If I’m not the right person to help you, I’m happy to refer you to someone who can.

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Hi, I’m Stephenie, a Trauma-Informed Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Body Confidence Coach. I help women quit dieting, end binge and emotional eating, become confident in their bodies, feel empowered and nourish themselves without fear of losing control.

15 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021


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Stephenie Farrell
May 28, 2021

Hi, Michelle, iIt really depends on the person and their goals. I've worked with people over 6-8 weeks/sessions with great results, while others may need several months. I invite you to book a 30 minute consult so we can chat about it and see if we might be a good fit to work together.

Michelle Collins
May 28, 2021

Hello! This is so exciting. How many sessions are needed to start noticing the results? Thx in advance :)

$10 USD
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