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The 111® Activation is a transformational, hands-off, energetic process that taps into the Quantum Field to activate a very specific sacred geometric pattern within your energy field. By changing the patterns in your Energy Field, you change the patterns in your Life.

Adding this new Energetic structure to your Field allows you to experience accelerated personal and Universal evolution and transformation.

The 111® Activation was channeled by 5 women while on an island getaway in the Puget Sound. I personally attribute the leaps I’ve taken to living my Authentic Life back to this Activation when I had it done in 2012.

Benefits that Clients have reported after experiencing after the 111® Activation:

  • Greater Ease, Joy, and Expansion

  • Increased Clarity around decisions and choices

  • Improved Intuition and Inner Guidance / Source

  • Enhanced ability to make positive changes with ease

  • Ease in being true to yourself and living authentically

  • Ease in releasing old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve the Highest Good

  • Manifesting dreams and desires faster and more easily

  • Mental, emotional and physical health improvement and healing

  • Recognize and develop Talents and Gifts

  • Experience and Integrate the multidimensional aspects of self

The 111® Activation needs to only be done once, and it lasts a Lifetime!

This is a Distance Session. At the scheduled session time, you will lie down in a quiet room, away from noise and distractions. You will then close your eyes, relax, and simply observe your experience while I will facilitate the 111® Activation and the new structure for you within the Quantum field.

You may experience physical sensations during the session, which are usually pleasant. It is also common to simply feel a sense of relaxation.

Your transformation will integrate and continue to unfold over time.

Each person’s experience is unique and there is no way to predict how yours will unfold. Most clients experience significant shifts in mood, energy, and vibration in the subsequent weeks.

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Hi! I am an Intuition and Energy expert. I read your energy, discover where the disconnects/problems are, and channel the solution in real time as I restructure and transform your energy with new agreements and protections. I help you integrate the changes in your energy field, and teach you tools so you can move forward with ease. I'm a Master Psychic Healer with 17 years experience.

18 years of practice
On Core Spirit since June 2021

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