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peac sanctuary
Akashic Records
Inner Child Healing
Distance Healing
Spiritual Healing
We are here to help people regain the peace they deserve. Our services are Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Yue Lao Ritual, Elf Magick, and Soul Retrieval with Inner Child Work. All services are remote healing so we can help you wherever you are. Having issues with work, or l...
Mathilde Boyer
London, UK
Positive Psychology
Career Crisis
At Zest Ambition, we are on a mission to create a society of happy, conscious and inspired professionals. We use a research-based methodology to infuse happiness in our clients’ careers. Our services include pocket coaching and 1:1 sessions.
Stacey Wright
2370 Main St, Tucker, GA 30084, USA
Mental Health
Psychodynamic psychotherapy
Inner Child Healing
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
Telemental Health
Are you seeking a therapist that sees you as a whole person - mind, body, and spirit? Do you need someone to meet you where you are, without assumptions or judgement? Are you seeking help in your personal growth and healing? I help clients overcome overwhelm, stress, and anxie...
Abed Shiimi
Windhoek, Namibia
Life Crisis
Book of Changes
Body and Emotion Code
Behavior therapy
Hii! I am enlightened with the gift to understand that as humans we fall short of our capabilities and abilities, due to the environment we find ourselves, thank god I am gifted with the power to help you heal and recover your natural power to live a Purposeful and fulfilling ...
Tasimudzwanashe David Mkana
Westgate, Harare, Zimbabwe
Motivational Speaking
Life Crisis
Family Coaching
Hi! I am a deliverance minister and I have helped many people being tormented by evil spirits through the working Power of the Holy Spirit. Feel free to get in touch with me.
Katie W.
Tennessee, USA
Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)
Tarot Reading
I am an intuitive empath, and a new medium. I am a level 1 reiki practitioner. I am working to help guide others on their path. Feel free to reach out at any time!
Lamia Gibson
721 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1L5, Canada
Spiritual Healing
Hi! I am a person who loves working with other people :). I heal, I care, I transform.... I work with physical pain, mental emotional pain and spiritual alignment. I hold complexity and relate across difference to meet my clients where they are at and work with community to...
Jesenia Gonzalez
903 34th St, Woodward, OK 73801, USA
Inner Child Healing
Intuitive Ethics
Loving Kindness Meditation
Feeling Lost
I am here to teach through love and light healing. To help teach all who ask and truly wish to learn. I will provide guidance and answers from beings of light only those who have your best interest at heart.
Whispers of The Dark Moon
Birmingham, AL, USA
Feeling Lost
Chaos Magic
I am a life long practitioner of witchcraft, A generational witch, and a gifted Psychic since the early age of 5 years old. I am also a friend if you would like. I have always been the type of person that enjoyed helping people reach their goals. And have done so +30 years. I ...
Rossana Gorys, Balanced Path
Brampton, ON, Canada
Distance Healing
Chakra Balancing
Spiritual Healing
Life Uncertainty
Hi! I'm a transformational leader guiding people to self-actualization. I'm a Reiki Master, Chakra Balancing Practitioner, Certified Passion Test Facilitator, and Certified Coach Practitioner. I love teaching people how to love and accept themselves for who they are, accept...
Szilvia Rahel Timar
Al Mamzar - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Guided Meditation
Mindfulness meditation
Life Crisis
After more than 15 years of experience in various job roles I discovered that my true passion is to help those who are like me. I dedicated my past 6 years to study human behavior and psychology, that brought my attention to the benefits of mindfulness, if you think your too b...
Cameron Jewell
St. Augustine, FL, USA
Collective Consciousness
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)
Tarot Reading
Hello there! I am a clinical herbalist with a BS in Alternative Medicine. I soon will be continuing my education to become a doctor of Oriental medicine. I currently operate from home with an inventory of roughly 100+ herbs and almost as many tinctures. My passion is to be of ...
VYoniTox Natural Herbal Vaginal Care
Houston, TX, USA
Vaginal Rejuvenation
Master Cleanse
Vaginal steaming
VYoniTox NHVC is a GROWING Holistic company that was established in 2019 and has helped over a thousand of women and men, thus far (JUST LIKE YOU). To eliminate toxins, bad bacteria, mucus, and dead cells from your body by incorporating our natural hygiene products & herbal de...
Kimberlee Ahalt
Baltimore, MD, USA
Developmental Psychology
Self Help
Behavior therapy
Positive Psychology
Social Psychology
I’ve been viewed as a humble person because I have an ability to view things from another’s perspective - that’s what has helped me with most of my achievements as well as deescalating situations. I love motivating people to do better, WITHOUT the use of negativity. I’m curre...
Erin Panzarella
Kew Gardens, Queens, NY, USA
Chakra Balancing
Guided Meditation
Energetic Enhancement
Hi I’m Erin! I’ve been on an inner awareness journey for years and I am now blending my passion and knowledge for self-improvement, energy healing, and different modalities such as meditation, yoga, breath work, reiki, & Neurolinguistics Programming into creating a service de...
Melissa A Maranda
Riverdale, IA 52722, USA
Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Transpersonal Psychotherapy
Art Therapy
Chakra Balancing
Law of Attraction
Hi, I am a licensed mental health counselor and energy practitioner. I work with couples, anxiety, parenting, addiction, depression, anger, spirituality, energy and the law of attraction.
Maggie Koch
1501 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45206, USA
Enneagram of Personality
Personality Psychology
Welcome! We are here for you who have chosen to ask yourself special questions. The answers are on their way now, wherever they may come from. I've studied personality psychology for 5 years and I'm currently working on a Counseling degree. During this transition time I'd love...
Anna Scott
Lincolnshire, UK
Family Coaching
Group coaching
Im a Positive Relationships and Family Coach, offering support specifically in communication, Anger management and understanding emotions. Im a Key note speaker and a have a wealth of enthusiasm and knowledge to share. Having been in the social care sector for over 26 years...
Helen Davies
Stafford, UK
Holistic Parenting
Sleep and Dreaming
Child Development
Family Coaching
Hi I'm a holistic sleep coach, children's nurse and health visitor, and mum of 4. I help families to get more sleep!
Soul Paradise
Freshwater Rd, Dagenham RM8, UK
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
Spiritual Healing
Hi dear souls. I love sharing my knowledge and experience to help others enhance their life. As a spiritual counsellor, hypnotherapist and energy healer I help to guide you through your challenges and assist with your spiritual growth to enjoy a happier and more balanced life....
Vivek Bengani
Hindu and Jain Diets
Life Uncertainty
Hindu Astrology
Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
Horoscopic Astrology
Hi! I am a practitioner of Vedic astrology, vastu, chi-gong, and meditation. I am a Jain. Feel free to contact me for help. I would be glad to help you find tools for your SPIRITUAL HEALING.
Deborah Lucero
Gilbert, AZ, USA
Inner Child Healing
Healing Power of Forgiveness
Health & Wellness
Emotional Stress Release
Deborah Lucero is a best-selling author, mindset facilitator, and founder of Live Your Full Life, a health and wellness website. Deborah's self-development courses teach others how to use the power of the mind, positive thoughts, and an abundant mindset to improve all areas o...
Alexis Boyd
Raleigh, NC, USA
Natal Astrology
Astral Travel
Western Astrology
Sleep and Dreaming
Hello! I am an explorer of the subconscious mind. I am able to decipher and interpret your dreams, in turn, helping you reveal the secrets of your subconscious reality. I also utilize Western astrology to highlight relevant transits as they relate to your dream life.
Sarah Rodriguez
Maui County, HI, USA
Life Uncertainty
Mental Health Apps
Health & Wellness
I am a storyteller on a mission to learn and document various Holistic and Alternative Treatments to healing that the Hawaiian Islands have to offer.
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