Elise Parsons

Hello, my name is Elise Parsons and I believe that we all have the potential to change and feel well within ourselves. In my experience, we often need many different types of therapy to guide us and assist us on this journey. Of particular value to me has been the work with Somatic Experiencing, trauma resolution & Craniosacral Therapy - therapies where the aim is to hold importance to your individual process at that given moment. This can translate into a hands on or off approach, facilitating the expression and possible stress and trauma being held in the system through skilled palpation, verbal exploration of what the body is holding, and allowing positive change through a respectful and resonant relational field. Of particular interest to me is the exploration of how we experience and understand the sensations we feel in our body and how they can effect our mind; and reversely how our thoughts can directly effect how we experience our body. Herein lies potential for great change and there is no doubt that long-term healing and happiness comes from working on our body and mind in an integrated fashion.
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