Elizabeth Sullivan

I am a fully qualified Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner, who will be pleased to visit you in the comfort of your home.I first experienced Reflexology 14 years ago, when I had IBS. It completely changed my life, getting to the root of the problem, rather than taking drugs to help symptoms.Reiki helped me when my mother died after a long illness, and a lot of upset, to help me feel calm, and in control of my life again.More information on reflexology:Reflexology dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. On the feet there are 5 zones on each longitudinal zones and 4 horizontal lines. There is the shoulder line, diaphragm line, waistline and pelvic line within each of these areas the foot corresponds to parts of the body i.e above the shoulder line are the sinus, eyes and ears. With reflexology you would give an all over treatment that would incorporate every single part of the body, reflexologists use their thumbs and fingers to walk across the zones if there is an imbalance or a problem in that area, they can feel crystalised like or gritty. At the same time the patient could feel more tender in that area. Some of the benefits are:
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